XOXO – Love, Microsoft

Firefox 2.0 was released this week featuring a refined user experience and a great many new developer features. The fine (and envious) folks from Redmond, WA (aka – Microsoft) sent the Mozilla developers a cake, congratulating them on the release of 2.0. Maybe the Mozilla folks will be so flattered by the present of a […]

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Validation Funnies

Can’t remember where I came across this – but I chuckled, as only a developer could: Our W3C, which art on the net: Hallowed be thy markup. Thy workingdrafts come. Thy Specs be done in Mozilla as they are in Opera. Give us this day our daily XHTML, and forgive us our hacks and workarounds,

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FireFox 1.5 Release

Must. Go. Download. Now. I don’t have to revisit all of the wonderful reasons to use Firefox over Internet Explorer. Been there a gazillion times – bought the t-shirt. Technical note: Did you know if you use Google Desktop and Internet Explorer 6 you run the risk of exposing data on your own hard disk

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