Conversation in the car

My daughter and I had gone to Starbucks last night before hitting the grocery store. She usually gets a Vanilla Soy Latte – but this time wanted something holiday-ish. So I tell her to order the Peppermint Mocha. “You’ll love it,” I say. She was skeptical… but daring enough to order it. When we got

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Post-Turkey Day Success

The deep fried turkey was a raving success at Thanksgiving dinner. To all those who emailed with luck and good wishes, I’m happy to report that we did not burn the house down! The turkey was completely contained within the frier the entire time..yay us! We actually fried the turkey outside, so I didn’t even

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Happy Holidays

I’m posting my “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year” wish to you all a bit early because as of tomorrow, I’ll be outta here 🙂 We’re headed to New York to spend Christmas, then on the 26th we’ll be in Vermont enjoying a family vacation of skiing in the mountains and otherwise freezing our collective

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Families and Holidays

Hope everyone had a great turkey day! Here’s the best Thanksgiving post I found on blogs – – for whatever reason, it had me busting a gut. Of course, could be because it’s hubby’s blog and all.. I’m biased that way. Moo! (speaking of hubby and his blog.. this is off topic – but for

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