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Grooooove, Baby

I gots me some groove. Thanks Jeanette, but I didn’t even need Barry White for this… but thanks for playin’ *k* I was up at the crack of dawn this morning… 5am. And no, it’s not because I didn’t sleep and stayed up that late… this wasn’t one of my insomniac rages. I actually woke […]

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The Stress Continues

Repeat after me: Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Now click your heels three times and you may find yourself in a state of denial and dellusion just like me! And to think, just yesterday, I assured Becca that I wasn’t nearing the bridezilla syndrome yet.

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Wacom Doodles

A girl has got to know her limitations, right? I leave the art type stuff to people I KNOW have the talent for such things… Leanne, my Mom… An artist I am NOT. I am even art-challenged when it comes to drawing stick people. Let’s just say my stick people are . . . abstract,

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