5 Years, and counting

It’s all the rage in the blogosphere to celebrate Blogiversaries. What IS a blogiversary? It’s the anniversary of your blog, of course! Today is my 5th year blogging here at Five years – how old does that make me in blog years? To celebrate – I’m giving away 5 autographed copies of my soon-to-be-released …

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Myrtle Beach or Bust

Leaving on a jet plane….. at exactly 7:05 AM tomorrow morning, Chris and I are hopping a plane and scooting our collective asses outta Wisconsin for 5 days. To be very honest, this isn’t the best time for a vacation. I have gobs of client work to complete and I’m still in the final throes …

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Infalliable Machine

That’s all I want. A machine that is indestructible. Parts that never go bad. Functions at 110% at all times, no matter what type of abuse we throw at it. One of our servers that serve up many of our client sites had itself a little breakdown this week. We noticed some real strange behavior …

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What day is it?

Still battling with insomnia over here. I did get a couple of good nights of sleep in over the past week – – but it still goes back and forth. Trying what I can to get myself back to a normal schedule. Shock treatments, perhaps? Still extremely busy here, as well. Light posting here on …

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Don't Open 'Till Midnight

Just a reminder on how you can start out the New Year with a brand spanking new look for your blog. The best part about it? It’s FREE! If you win, that is. You have until midnight CST on New Year’s Eve to have your submissions in! EWebscapes Blog Design Giveaway

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