I‘m headed to the SXSW Interactive in March, 2006. I’ve heard about it. Read about it. Thought briefly once about going – but you know, life does get in the way of fun quite often. This time, I’m going – and with a purpose, even!

E.Webscapes has been invited to be a part of the panel for best blog design practices at the SXSW Interactive conference on March 11 in Austin, TX. Susannah Gardener of Hop Studios is organizing the panel, and is a participant herself. She is a designer and an author, having authored Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummies, and co-author of Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Dummies and Teach Yourself Visually: Dreamweaver MX 2004 and just completed BitTorrent for Dummies. So when Susie wrote and asked if I would be interested in participating on the panel of designers, I was thrilled and happily accepted!

I’m excited and honored to be a part of it, and am really looking forward to meeting some of the other designers who will be involved. So far, the only ones I know of are Susie and Joelle from Moxie – and of course, now, yours truly. Anytime you can meet with colleagues in your field and share experiences, it’s a good thing!

I gave Susie a few recommendations of other designers I know of who are involved in the same type of work as I am, so I’m interested and excited to see who is going to be there.


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  1. Yeah, that’s what happens when I try to be cute. LOL. That was *looks official*, y’know, like… oh, I give. hehe.

    Let’s just dance about it, shall we? \:d/

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