I’m so swamped with work these days, I don’t even have time to blog. I’m not being a very fun blogger, am I?

Sadly, not. Things shall improve over time, however, as we hire more help and get this gorilla off my back lol

A quick technical note: This is not directed to anyone in particular, because I’ve received so many of these in the past few weeks, I’ve lost count. I thought I should mention it.

If you send hosting support questions, hosting inquiry questions, design orders and the like to my email address at lisasabin-wilson.com – it will most likely not be answered. Or, it will take forever to get answered. I don’t check my lisasabin-wilson.com email address often — maybe once a day. And when I do download it – – your hosting/design inquiry emails run the very real risk of getting lost in a black hole.

My lisasabin-wilson.com email address is not a support email address. It’s my email address for personal stuff. For hosting support questions, please refer here. For design orders or questions – please refer here. I check those emails on regular basis throughout the day.

Just a friendly reminder, trying to make it easier for you if you’re trying to contact me for design/support issues.


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22 thoughts on “Swamped”

  1. thank you so much for getting my site up. i’ve talked to kimberly today and i’m very happy with the new look. i think she’s still tweaking on one of the plug-ins but that’s no rush.. can’t rush creative minds 😉 anyways, thanks again lisa.. kudos to you and the elegant webscapes staff 😛

  2. Carissa – I’m so happy to hear that you liked the way your blog turned out 🙂 Kimberly did a wonderful job on it! You have been a pure pleasure to work with – – happy blogging!

  3. HI Yaya – –

    Unfortunately – the skiing has taken a back burner because of work . . . and because of all of the really mild weather we’ve been having 🙁

    I hope winter isn’t over yet!

  4. Good to hear you’re still alive! For a little while there I was wondering if you got a hold of a bad beer or bratwurst! :mrgreen:

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Lisa!

    OK, please forgive me for going off-topic…

    There’s currently a blogburst going on to push for Terri Schiavo’s right to live, and it’s being run by Pro-Life Blogs and Hyscience.

    We currently have 34 blogs running posts for Terri Schiavo but we need many, many more! Will you please consider joining the Blogburst for Terri and post for her life?

    Thanks, and again, sorry for going way off topic!

  6. Why not just let Terri die, she is not getting better, she is in a vegatative state, the court systems have been exhausted and time after time after time after time they all agree. Is it so hard to believe that she expressed an opinion that she would not want to be kept alive in such circumstances? I certainly wouldn’t and neither would my wife. It is a sad sad tale but she effectivly died over a decade ago.

  7. Hey you!! I am glad you put that blurb in this post about emails and support issues…Don’t forget to take a minute or two today and have a smooch with your honey for Valentine’s Day!! 😉

  8. Er… that must have been for me since I just emailed the justagirl address last night. My bad. I can’t figure out why I was emailing that address in the first place. :/

  9. I don’t pretend to know enough about Terry’s life, family or circumstances to be able to make an unbiased opinion on what should be done with her life . . if anything at all. All I know is what I read and hear in the news . . and quite honestly, I don’t think that’s enough for a person like me – – an uninvolved outsider to be making value judgements on the situation. Good to see those who do have an opinion are pulling together for it, tho.

  10. Nah – that wasn’t directed at you Michael . . this was posted a whole day before you emailed 🙂 Hopefully that helps, though – – I do get quite a few support/design requests at this email . . and then people get really upset with me when it doesn’t get answered. 🙂

  11. Easy solution for Terri’s situation…
    Let those who think Terri should be kept a vegetable support all financial costs to do so (including reimbursing the husband for everything he’s had to pay out when trying to let her die with dignity). If they’re not able to put their money where their mouth is, then they can shut up and send flowers.

  12. Astroknight, her parents ARE willing to take care of her.
    Astroknight AND RedFred: She’s not a “vegetable.” That’s what you’ve been led to believe from 30-second spots on the news, not from seriously looking at the situation. If you have such strong opinions, I suggest you look more closely. Those who have felt as you do–and AS I USED TO–have completely changed their minds about it. The information is there, you just need to see it. 😯 She IS NOT, I repeat, NOT a “vegetable.” There are video clips and sworn affadavits that CLEARLY show this for those who think otherwise.

    Sorry, but your comments show you don’t know anything about the case. At least Lisa was honest about the fact that she didn’t know enough to comment!

  13. Astro, The Parents will pay for her upkeep, and I believe would even pay off the husband. But that is not the point.

    If you believe the husband, and I do, then he had a conversation with Terri about if they would want to be kept alive if they were in a permanent vegetative state. Terri’s wish was that she not be kept alive. It is tragic that that very situation should arise, but would you renege on your promise to a loved one for money? It is a principle here, she is , despite what Beth says in a vegetative state, for every doctor that the parents have persuaded to say she is not, and most have not seen more that the videos that Beth bandied about there are 10 that say otherwise. It has been to every court in the land, most multiple times, and not one has come back and said otherwise. I think that speaks volumes.

    Beth, I actually live in Tampa, so believe me when I say I am well versed in this case. For the five years that I have lived here this case has dominated the local news, so for you to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about just goes to show how ignorant you are. Why don’t you just pick up the next copy of A_ctivist weekly and find a different crusade to jump on. It seems strange to me that you are so well versed on the subject and so educated about the cause but a brief scan through your archives brings up nothing before Feb 8th she has been like this for 15 years, you haven’t even known about it for 15 days, so please don’t patronize me by saying I should look closer at the case.

  14. RedFred – I know about the promise, and that’s part of why I support the husband. From what I’ve seen and heard of the parents, this is the first I’ve heard of them doing anything to foot the bill. All I’ve heard from them was whining and that they didn’t care about what their daughter’s wishes were on the subject. I hadn’t heard that they’ve paid anything to help keep her alive so far. Let Terri Die. It’s what she wanted!

  15. The parents are in denial, I don’t blame them, I think the doctors and Lawyers around them leave a lot to be desired. They would have been a lot better off if she had died 15 years ago.

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