The 6pm choir concert went until 6:50pm. It was a lovely little concert. They did a variety of show tunes and patriotic songs, believe it or not. And for a public school, they left in all the lyrics that deal with love of country, freedom, patriotism, god and the flag – – I was impressed.

At 6:50pm – Missy (Melissa, dammit!) and I ran out to the parking lot – – hopped into the car and made it across town to the concert hall by 7:15. She was supposed to be there at 7pm for warm-up . . .but at least she made it for the start of the concert at 7:30. This was her last concert of the year at this school – – so she was all emotional about it. Even after I explained to her that she would be playing with all the same kids in high school next year – – she’s just a little drama queen. Anything that gives an opportunity for some drama? It’s golden!

Mr. M, her violin instructor, explained to the audience that we were about to hear the combined 8th grade orchestra. That is, all of the 8th grade players in the city – from each of the different middle schools. He also explained that we were now looking at the graduating orchestra class of 2009 (gulp!).

He explained that in high school, they have an orchestra they call the “Philharmonic” – – it’s a group that you have to audition for. When they are seniors in high school, in 2009, if they are in this Philharmonic Orchestra – – and their grades are good, they get to take a trip and play ‘on the road’ for 10 days.

“On the road”, in this case, means Scotland. They take a 10 day trip there…traveling, seeing the country, playing – and for two of the days, they stay with a host family, in their home, to get a feel for the culture of it all.

Missy (Melissa, dammit!) – ran up to me after the concert was over just absolutely gushing about Scotland. Explaining, in earnest, that she needs to start private violin lessons IMMEDIATELY, so that when she’s a senior in high school – she will be good enough for this “Philharmonic” group.

I told her we’d look into it.

Only on the condition that my name gets put on the list of chaperone’s for the trip in 2009.

They need chaperones, don’t they? 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Survived!”

  1. Oh that was a smooth way to worm your way to Scotland 🙂 Nice move! I am impressed! Glad it all turned out. And you do know that today she will agree to let you go with her, but in 4 years, it could be a whole new ball game.

  2. I toured all over the US, including Hawaii with my high school symphony and it was the mest times of my younger years. Of course most of it is a blur from all the drugs…(just kidding)

    Tell your daughter good luck.

  3. I am so happy to hear that some area’s aren’t chopping their music and art programs, and that she’s so interested in staying involved in them! Yea, ok, Scotland is a huge motivator, but the possiblity of being a chaperone is a nice motivator, too! 😉

  4. hey, I can be responsible if I HAVE to be – – they have books on that don’t they? “Responsibility for Dummies” – or something?? I could study up! 😉

  5. Holy cow..Scotland!! That is such a cool opportunity for Melissa (ahem..and you, “chaperone”). And I agree with Leanne about the chopping of the music. I am thankful that my son’s school is still incorporating the Star Spangled Banner into the music curriculum and they include “Under God” in the Pledge every morning. It is disheartening that some children in this country could grow up without any appreciation of these things. I heard a bit on the news about how the latest blow is in recurrent education classes for teachers, where they are steering the teachers away from teaching students about Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING!!! I only caught the tail end of the bit on the news, but evidently someone somewhere is finding it ~offensive~. Good grief-what’s next?

  6. 🙂 Scotland… drinking age =18, Seniors age =18….. I’m guessing here but she might suddenly not want Mom to be a chaperone!!!

    Awesome if she gets to go, Scotland will be an experiance, and living with a host family will be a great experiance that you can only get in these special situations. ‘corse she will have to eat Haggis and Black Pudding!

  7. Now there’s an angle I never considered before…chaperone… But then again, I just endured the fifth grade “band”, not sure I could take much more of that sort of thing….

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