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I don’t know about you – – but when I read something like this, I start thinking about all the little coughs, sniffles and tickels in my throat I’ve had over the past week. It’s a curse – – it’s my long-standing habit of expecting the worst.

Three Chicago-area children have died of a toxic shock syndrome-like illness caused by a superbug they caught in the community and not in the hospital, where the germ is usually found.

The cases show that this already worrisome staph germ has become even more dangerous by acquiring the ability to cause this shock-like condition.

“There’s a new kid on the block,” said Dr. John Bartlett of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, referring to the added strength of the superbug known as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.


My son came into my office after he got home from school yesterday.

He says, “Mom, my throat hurts. Right behind my Adam’s Apple”

Me: “How long has it been going on?”

Him: “A day, or two”

Me: “Are you running a fever?”

Him: “I don’t know”

(I feel his forehead and he feels normal)

Me: “Doesn’t feel like it. Grab the thermometer and check it, would ya?”

Him: “Well, what is it??”

Me: ” It could be the start of a cold, flu or allergies – – it is change of season around here.”

Him: “I’ve had colds before – and my throat never hurt like this. And I don’ thave allergies, Mom”

Me: “There are all sorts of different types of colds and flu bugs. I doubt you’ve beeen exposed to them all. Plus, a person can develop allergies at any time in their life – – you never know. Let’s keep an eye on it. Let me know how the thermometer reads – – and let’s see if you feel better or worse in the morning, ok? There are throat lozenges in the cupboard upstairs, you can use those – – and take some Advil”

Him: “I could be dying and you are brushing me off!! I could be dying!!”

Me: “You want me to take you into the ER where you can tell the busy Emergency staff that you have a sore throat? Maybe they can squeeze you in between the woman having a massive heart attack and the guy bleeding to death from the car crash?”

Him: “No.”

Me: “Well, take your temp., use the lozenges and take some advil. Let’s see how things go, ok?”

Him: “Well, alright.”

Is it possible that the whole ‘expecting the worst’ trait of mine has rubbed off on my son??

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6 thoughts on “Super Bug”

  1. Hey, *I* have a tumor, Astroknight. I think so, anyway. Although, Tony keeps telling me “it’s not a tumor”. Whatever.

    Nah, Lisa, I think your son just wanted you to feel guilty for being so reasonable. 🙂

  2. I read the story about the bug this morning too!! Don’t worry, I have the same problem with my teenagers too!! could be he’s having a problem in school with: teacher,some kid bugging them pressures ..But usally when my kids play sick from school the problem is from school. Just support him and make him feel good…thats all we can do, on anything with them.

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