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I was on call for Hospice today – – just got home not that long ago from a 12 hour day of doing patient visits. I’m exhausted and worn out. It’s 8pm and I”m thinking of getting in my PJ’s and going to bed. Imagine that? From the queen of the night owls! Guess that means I’m getting old? (eek!)

Nah, it’s just that sometimes – Hospice can be so emotionally exhausting. Not going to go into all of the tragedies that I stepped in an out of during the course of my day today . . . it was just exhausting, on a very raw emotional level. It’s amazing how days like today can leave me feeling so whipped and beat down.

In between patient visits – I sent Chris off on his biz trip to Texas, delivered cell phones to my Dad – who is collecting them for soldiers in Iraq, and made a loaf of banana bread (should I post the recipe? is there anyone without a banana bread recipe?).

I’m on call from 8am – 8pm – and my call is over in 10 minutes. I really shouldn’t have just said that – because now I could have jinxed the last 30 minutes of a quiet pager. Now that I’ve said it – some catastrophe will break out in the next 10 minutes. Keeping my fingers crossed that my pager stays quiet for 10 more minutes!

I think I’m gonna do the PJ thing – – make a hot cup of cocoa, cut off a piece of that banana bread and curl up in bed with a good book.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday”

  1. Awww. It sounds like you need a hug, dear girl. I must confess that I’ve been in my jammies since noon. Hmmm. *yawn* My cats are curled up behind me in a ying/yang fashion.

    About the banana bread, I’m not so much interested in the recipe, but if you could post parcel me some, that would be cool! 🙂

  2. I can top alla ya. I didn’t get dressed today at all. (That, by the way, doesn’t mean I didn’t shower. LOL)

    You have my respect and admiration in so many ways, Lisa, but for your loving care in Hospice is at the top of the list. Be good to yourself — you most assuredly deserve it.

    Oh, and BTW, you can never have too many recipes. 🙂

  3. Margi’s right, you can never have too many recipes. Your devotion and love for people is amazing, Lisa. The fact that you can do that emotionally exhausting work, and churn out these amazing blog designs in addition to that; just shows that you have some good time management going on in your life. Plus, you have kids, right? Yikes!~Curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate and home-made banana bread…sounds wonderful, sounds like taking care of yourself. Hope you get some good rest, too, and are able to rejuvenate.

  4. Hope your pager stayed silent and you got a goo nights sleep. I spent two hours colouring yesterday, so you certainly put my daily productivity to shame.

    I also wasted 3 hours whaching the suckaneers finally put their season to bed and 2 hours watching the AMA’s, man I must be getting old, I hardly knew anyone on the, ‘cept Bon Jovi and the Beatles…. Ooo and Linkin’ Park.

  5. Hope you got some rest. I wish I could get some…sleeping next to a snorer who tells me I am “high maintenance” when I tell him to flip over.

    At least we are TIED in the NFC No! Was a great Packer win. Sounds like you missed it.

  6. I did have a very nice night of sleep – thanks guys 🙂 It was a hard day yesterday – but the cocoa and banana bread helped considerably! 😀

    K – I was able to catch snippets of the game as I travelled from house to house, seeing my patients – – they ALL had the game on!! Just goes to show that even impending death can’t tear a Packer Fan away from the tube on a Sunday afternoon 😉

  7. Margi – Cao – – I’ll get that recipe up at some point today 🙂 You’re right – can never have enough.

    Would you believe the banana bread is GONE? Chris isn’t even home lol

    It’s a rare thing that I can even keep bananas around this house long enough to make a loaf of bread – the kids eat them too fast. I guess it’s the same with the bread! lol

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