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Hmm….nice, lazy weekend. Just the way I like ’em.

Made some really good progress on the SQL Server training – – much thanks to Preston for sending helpful links in my direction. Never underestimate contacts that can be made in the blogosphere!

Finished ‘Angels and Demons‘ – – tremendously awesome book. Don’t you love those books that keep you guessing until the very end? Although, I had guessed that the Camerlengo was part of the Illuminati – – however, the way and means took me by surprise. Excellent read!

Both my cats have been full of piss and vinegar this weekend, doing a lot of that running around the room like crazed a crazed maniac cat thing that they so like to do sometimes.

My excitement over seeing the President on Friday is mounting. More developments have happened . . . because we (my parents, I and Chris) agreed to arrive a bit early and make a few campaign phone calls for the Wisconsin Republican Party – – we’ve been given choice seats up at the front of the stage for his appearance. Don’t worry – – I’ll have my camera!

School starts this week for the kids. My son is starting high school, my daughter will be in 8th grade. This week will be full of last minute school supply shopping, hair cuts, physician visits for their annual exams, etc, etc…

I’ve been on call for Hospice all weekend – – it’s been relatively slow going all weekend long, which is always a good thing. Since I cut down to waaaaay part time with them, I’ve been more obliged to pick up a few extra on call days for them to give some of the full time case managers a bit of a break. So far, it hasn’t been so bad – – but now that I’ve mentioned it – – I’m sure the pager will start going off any minute now.

That’s my update for the weekend – – will resume normal blogging activity tomorrow! Have a good night!

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Randomness”

  1. And if I didn’t want to know that Camerlengo was part of the Illuminati, then what? If, for example, I haven’t read the friggin’ book yet? I hope that’s not a major plot point, because that would be really rude.

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  3. Well Chance – it’s not THAT much of a spoiler, really – – I could explain that statement, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the rest of the book for you. Don’t worry about it — crack open the book. I figured it out about the Camerlengo waaaaaay early on in the book…you seem like a bright person, you probably would have, too. The signs are there.

    However – as for the rest of the book — I have to say that it was full of many many surprises that I did not even anticipate in my wildest imagination.

    Would be happy to discuss the book with you when you’re done reading 😉

  4. OK Lisa. I bought the book. I’m about 150 pages into it, and just got to the Camerlengo. I’m sticking with my original point. It’s rude not to warn people when you reveal a plot point. And not being good at that sort of thing, I probably wouldn’t have guessed it until much later.

    That being said, I’ll write more when I’m finished, and we can discuss the book.

  5. Fair enough, Chance. My bad for treating my blog like a personal journal, of sorts. I just write stuff, failing to always remember that people sometimes read. 🙂

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the book, overall – and not just the Camerlengo. 😉

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