Sucker for Marketing.. Me?


My teenaged daughter has turned into a real smarty pants.  I wonder where she gets that from?  We have the strangest conversations.

I took her grocery shopping with me this evening.  While there – our age difference was evident.  I picked up Orange Roughy, asparagus, artichokes, among other healthy foods – complete with sugar-free jello to try and tame my overly-sweet sweet tooth.  She picked up chips, pizzas, corn dogs (ugh!), ice cream bars and something called a “Rock Star” energy drink.

Apparently she has an opinion on everything.  I bought olive oil because I ran out and I cook with it all the time.  I’m picky about my olive oil, though – – it has to be extra extra virgin olive oil, and it needs to be the good stuff.  The brand I buy costs $18.00 per bottle.  She feels this is slighly excessive – so felt it necessary to announce that to the entire grocery store.  I had to enlighten her to the joys of cooking with really good olive oil as compared to not so really good olive oil and informed her that someday when she ate healthy foods (yea, like 15  years from now) – she would remember this conversation and maybe realize the benefits of really good olive oil.

We also had to discuss my sugar free Jello choice with her saying “You should get some regular Jello – because you always get the good stuff”.  Me: “But I thought you just told me that sugar free Jello is ICK?  So how could you consider that to be the ‘good stuff'”?  Her: “Well it is ICK – but you like it, so for you its good stuff”

Yea – and chips and dip is not good stuff?  Please, child.

Smart WaterThen I picked up one bottle of water – called “Smart Water” – which, of course she has an opinion about.  “Mom – come on!  That is JUST water!  You don’t really think its SMART do you?  You’re such a sucker for marketing!”

Actually I just picked it up because of the size of the bottle.  Its exactly a quart – and I like to keep track of how much water I drink during the course of the day and I can reuse this one.  To this comment, I simply said “It’s probably smart enough to do better than you did on your last Algebra exam.”

To which she had no response.

She spent the rest of the shopping trip musing, out loud, that if corn meal was made from corn, and oat meal was made from oats — then was cat food made from cats?  What about baby food?  That, and during the course of a 5 minute stream of words coming from her mouth I heard all about how she wants to color her hair blonde, how she thinks Britney Spears has completely lost it and gave up everything and should have stayed with Justin, doesn’t understand why a news channel like FoxNews would devote an entire day to Anna Nicole Smith as if there is nothing else going on in this world… like WAR, starvation, poverty and Iran building a nuclear program… stupid details like that… and then about this really strange video that some weird guy made and uploaded to YouTube about unicorns and Candy Mountain and called it his interpretation of the book Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Then spent the rest of the entire shopping trip quoting from said video.  You’d have to hear/watch the video to understand why I wished I had a bag over my head.  This IS a small town, after all – – what would the neighbors think?  Heh.

Charlie the Unicorn

If you make it through the end of that entire video – I’m sorry.

14 thoughts on “Sucker for Marketing.. Me?”

  1. Lindsey – I cannot believe you sat through the whole thing lol

    Melissa tried making me sit through it but I only got as far as the ‘magical pluradon’ <--- or however its spelled. I couldn't take anymore! My brain melted.. and that is 2-3 minutes I regret that I will never be able to get back.

  2. I don’t care if it makes me a sucker for marketing but I just LOVE Smart Water…the bottle with the fishy on the inside of the label is my fave part of the whole thing *chuckle*

    I played the first 10 seconds of the movie and gave up…tres annoying.

  3. I don’t know what you all are talking about. I think that is a great ‘movie’. It expresses individuallity and fun. :]]

  4. Your post reminds me of me and my bros going shopping with my mom – us going crazy of the “sugar cereals” that my mom didn’t want to buy. I managed to watch the whole video, and I must say that Charlie’s friends are pretty smart and convincing.

  5. Cooking with extra virgin olive oil is the way to go, she will learn when she runs off to university/college and has to cook for herself! Watch our for the Olive Oil that contains ‘Omega-3’ ( you might not have the omega 3 fad the uk is going through) because after a while it starts to taste ‘fishy’

  6. I did make it through the entire video (my corp Exchange server took a hit, so I had time on my hands), and I make the following observations:

    1) I once dated a girl who had the same voice and speech pattern as the blue unicorn. Note: I did say ‘once’.

    2) Within 30 seconds of the start of the video, Neil Young’s ‘Sugar Mountain’ started playing in my head. It’s likely to be there all day.

    3) Hey, at least the kid is smarter than the recent programming decisions of FNC!

  7. sounds like you’re being kind of judgmental about your daughter. and too worried about what everyone things about you. i don’t have a daughter, but if i did, i think i’d like it if she talked to me like a friend… or at least someone she can relate to. but then again, i totally LOVE the candy mountain video.

  8. Actually, meow — my only judgement regarding my daughter in this case is how very charming, funny and wonderful I think she is.

    About what others think of me? I couldn’t give a rats ass – – that comment was a joke. j-o-k-e . . and its ok to laugh 🙂

  9. Allison Wonderland

    mmmmm….Smart Water! YUM! That’s actually how I stumbled upon this page. I google-imaged “Smart Water” to show my friend how theirs a FISHIE on the inside!

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