We’re here and it only took us 15 hours to make the drive. Doesn’t sound like a long time, but once you put your foot to the pedal and make the drive . . it seems like it took days and days!

Let me just start by saying that at 3am in the morning, when you’ve been driving for hours and still have more hours to drive, I know that stopping at “Waffle House” for a quick bite to eat may sound like a good idea . . . but resist the urge. Consider that advice my little favor to you. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

We arrived at 5:30am and then I promptly slept until noon. Just wanted to pop in and say HI!

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27 thoughts on “Streeeeeeeeeetch!”

  1. :lol::lol:Waffle House:lol::lol:

    1. It’s called “Waffle House” for a very good reason. DO NOT attempt to order and eat anything there that is not a waffle. Failure to follow this rule will result in an extreme test of your intestinal fortitude :mrgreen:

    2. At least their coffee is passable. 🙄

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  3. Vickie – that is awesome – I’ll be sure to vote! 🙂

    Preston – thank you, you’re a dear xoxo

    Chelle – you should have warned me about Waffle House ahead of time lol

    Bob, yaya and Margi – we’re having fun so far and are safe and sound! 🙂

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  5. Waffle House is EVIL! My family and I spent a week in Georgia with my dad and my husband (who grew up in the South) said, “We’ve gotta go to Waffle House.” Long story short…we all ended up with food poisoning. Ick.

  6. You just have to be careful in Georgia period! We overnighted in Atlanta before flying out of the country a couple years ago. Go to the hotel restaurant which was supposed to be good, order a scotch and soda, and the bring out a scotch and coke, cuz coke is a type of soda. You think all those stories about southern people are jokes until you go to Georgia! 😯

  7. :razz::razz: Classic.
    You should read Sandy’s blog for southern life stories. She told the story of her cousin, a non drinker so to speak, going to the fancy Red lobster, and ordering one of those martinis just like Hawkeye drinks. And bring it in the same kind of glass he uses. They happened to be in Florida when this happened and the waiter just looked at her as if to say, it’s true, they really are like that:wink:

  8. Astroknight,

    You lump a whole group of people together because you and your wife experience one event on an overnight stay in Atlanta?

    What an idiot.

  9. Astro, see your problem was drinking scotch any way but neat, even adding “rocks” is close to sacrilege. If you think it’s bad coming south from the north, you wanna try coming here from England, I can’t tell you the disappointment the first time I ordered a meal with chips and got… well.. chips.

  10. yes they have Ketchup in the UK, I don’t know about OZ, but I would be suprised if they didn’t. What we don’t really have is buscuits, we call cookies Buscuits for starters so if you ask for one don’t be suprised when a chocolate chip lands on your plate. The closest thing to a buscuit is a scone, but they are heavier and normally eaten with whipped cream and jam. Things are far worse coming the other way, surviving without MARMITE is a real chore not to mention Heinz Baked Beans

  11. RF – if it was single malt scotch, yeah, even rocks could be sacriledge. When it’s a blend I don’t have a problem with rocks or with soda. Even bad scotch shouldn’t touch anything other than glass, ice, or soda.

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