This reminds me of that pet name my father had for me when I was growing up.

Come to think of it – – some people STILL do it!

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4 thoughts on “Stormy”

  1. The trouble with floruda is its got too many liberal whimps making irresponsible decisions and they got liberal judges and they have DISNEY WORLD and the mickey mouse election of 2000

  2. Proud to say that as a person ineligable to vote I had absoloutly no part in Fiasco 2000, just a front row seat. I think though we must be split fairly evenly down the middle republican / democrat othewise the whole decarcle would never have occured. Anyway we have a new voting mechanism now, we stand both candidates on a pier in Miami and whoever gets blown away (by a hurricane or a street gang) last wins!

    And don’t knock Mickey the Rat where else do child molesters get to dress up in costumes and assult children in front of their parents?… allegedly….

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