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Two doctors and their Arizona company were barred Monday from selling an unapproved botulism toxin believed to have paralyzed four people who used it instead of Botox, the popular anti-wrinkle treatment. /break/ Food and Drug Administration investigators found records that the company made three deliveries to a clinic where people were injected last month with an unapproved substance made from botulinum toxin type A.

Aside from the fact that Botox has ruined the faces of some of my favorite actors/actresses – – if not regulated very carefully – it will paralyze your face.

Wash with gentle soap and rinse. Moisturize, often. Then be happy with the face nature gave you.

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9 thoughts on “Stone Face”

  1. As Kate Winslet said, who wants to be injected with rats’ testicles in her forehead?

    I don’t know for sure if they are rats’ testicles indeed but I sure do agree with your tip on just washing your face and keeping it moisturized.

  2. ::Walks in, sees Astroknight nekkid:: GAAAAAHHHHH!!! Grow beard longer!!!!


    P.S. Lisa, I totally agree, BTW. Being happy is key to a youthful face … um, and moisturizer.

  3. Lisa, it is worse than a paralyzed face – they were paralyzed from the neck down. If I can find the local story link I’ll send it along.

    It appears that the paralysis is temporary and they are expected to recover but….damn! Just for a few wrinkles?!?

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