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Well, it’s been over 24 hours and I haven’t required a trip to the ER yet. Looks like the meds they have me on are working – – but they are making me incredibly dopey and edgy as all heck. I’m not a med taker – – never have been. Before this I was on . . . oh, ZERO medications per day. Now I’m on 5 different pills 3 times a day and I’m not liking the side effects one bit.

But! At least I’m not puffy, itching, red and swollen – – so I guess that’s a trade off.

I’m laying low – – trying to get some work done .. . just thought I’d pop in here to let ya know I’m still alive. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Still Kickin'”

  1. Good to see you’re still alive. Did you figure out what caused the reaction/allergy?
    On anothe note…stop whinging about taking meds, it’s as my ole mum used to say “a taste of your own medicine” :mrgreen: (j/k).
    Have a speedy recovery 🙂

  2. Holy crap, woman. I don’t check in for a few days and you turn into an itchy, cranky mess. I thought lack of sex did that to a person, not a non-existent blog friend.

    Now that I’m back, I hope you feel better soon, love. XOXO

  3. Lisa:

    I am Mr. Hives myself.
    Got to the E.R. 3x last year for this freaking hives.

    Also did various skin testing by 2 different Allergists only to find out that I am NOT allergic to anything. They said stress could have triggered hives but I don’t buy it as I don’t consider myself a stressful person.

    Reading from your post, I basically had to go through similar drills. Benadryl is not good anymore, ditto Allegra.

    One E.R. doctor prescribed me Zyrtec and it worked like a charm. After my last test, my Allergist prescribed me Zyrtec, which I’m taking daily every night before going to sleep up until today (I started with 1/night, after couple months 0.5/night).

    Like you, I don’t usually take any drugs, at all, actually. I was also worried about side effects and immunity but my Allergist and my Doctor told me that Zyrtec is OK, no side effect (other than it usually knocks me out to sleep) and won’t build any immunity.

    Ask your doctor if they can prescribe this to you (not cheap, $60 for 30 pills after insurance) but in my case it’s the best medication.

    I know how ridiculous “hives” is.
    We sent people to the moon but still can’t figure out what triggers hives.


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