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Are you ready for me to begin stressing over wedding plans yet? lol

Nah, I won’t stress at all. Weddings aren’t worth stressing over. We’re not doing a big wedding either. Just something very simple, sweet, short and inexpensive. Never did understand the need folks have to spend thousands on their wedding day – – when that money can be well spent on the honeymooon!

The honeymoon location is already set – – we just need to plan it.

We’re trying to decide on a date and a location. I think we’re leaning more towards a wedding in New York – that is where Chris is from – and his family has a beautiful country home in upstate with a gorgeous garden that has a pretty creek with bridge that goes over a waterfall. We’re thinking that will be a nice place to get married.

Problem is? The folks we’d invite to the wedding come from all over. Mainly, Wisconsin, Illiniois, Texas, Georgia and California. How to get them there? Where to put them when they get there? Can they all make it?

Can’t we just do Vegas?

The dress will be a big ‘to-do’ for sure. Chris’s mother is a wedding dress designer in Manhattan. Fittings are already being planned – – dress types, colors, length… All of which, of course, means that I have to keep with my whole pre-cruise diet and exercise program.


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  1. Bob – Chris is actually from England.. grew up in Manhattan and their country house we’re considering having the wedding at is in Putnam County.

    Close? 🙂

  2. I must have missed the post where you mentioned Chris proposing, since the last word I remember from you on the “m” word was something along the lines of “nuh-uh”.

    But congratulations. I hope y’all spend many long and happy years together.

  3. Looks like a very nice place for a honeymoon. Seeing the pics I couldn’t help but want to check it out, and now I’m laughing my butt off at the Lighthouse Beach pic. There’s not a lot of places that advertise being a great vacation spot for beaches, diving, etc. while showing a picture of a highly venemous fish… :lol::lol::lol:

  4. Mickey – I think there was a time when both Chris and I were totally “Nuh Huh” about the whole “M” word. Both of us with trust and committment issues in a BIG way.

    Luckily, time heals and life goes on. After 5 wonderful years it became more of a “why AREN’T we married” rather than a “why SHOULD we”

    Chris and are lifers – and it was time to acknowledge that, for us 🙂

    THanks! 😀

  5. Yeah, it’s commonly referred to as a stonefish, which is related to the lionfish only IIRC they’re more venomous… 😯

  6. Oy! You’ll be surprised how quickly the number of guests add up. And the various fees.

    The minister fee, the license fee, wedding cake fee (although Tony is making ours, awww). Blech. Everyone has a hand in the marital fee pie.

    I wanted just 5 or so people, but it quickly got up to 10. The reception is this Saturday. (Gah — social anxiety!) I let my new mother-in-law have her way with it, since they’re footing the bill and we’re up to about 50 people, I think. Pretty small, all things considered, but for a severe introvert it’s 50 people too many.

    Really, it has been a positive experience. I’m serious. 🙂 😀

  7. I missed that post, too, so CONGRATULATIONS! Upstate NY is beautiful in the fall. Regardless of where you have the wedding, people will have to travel so just give them plenty of warning and I’m sure they won’t mind at all. Congrats!!

  8. My cousin is starting to plan his wedding. Her family and one side of his is pushing for the big wedding. Mrs. Knight and I are trying to convince him to elope. Cheaper for them, easier, and we don’t have to go to a big, long, boring Catholic wedding… :mrgreen:

  9. This is where the fun begins. There has to be a great place for all the guests to stay. It is only for 2 nights and I am sure there must be some great places. The honeymoon looks fabulous!

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