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So I’m driving home from work today…. obeying the 30 MPH speed limit, listening to talk radio (subject: Opposition to the implementation of a Light Rail system here in Milwaukee..)…Minding my own business.

At an intersection where I clearly have the right of way – – this guy in a Minivan makes a sharp turn in front of me, completely cutting me off. I came inches from this guys rear side panel and slammed my brakes on. Hard. I laid on my horn to let him know I wasn’t thrilled…that’s when he turned and flipped me off and I could read his lips when he screamed “Fuck You, bitch!”

Ok – so I’m not going to let this ruin my day. It’s the end of my workday – I just want to get home and slip into something more comfortable, ya know? I let it go.

If I had to guess, this guy is probably in his late-30 to early-40’s. I’m driving behind him when I realize that his bumper sticker reads:

Share the Good News about Jesus

Plus, he’s got one of those jesus peace fish things on the back of his car

The bumper sticker on the other side of his bumper reads:

Let Jesus In. No one loves you more.

When I’m done reading his bumper – – he signals and pulls into the parking lot of a local Episcopalian church. It left me wondering . . . is that how this man spreads the ‘good news’? Maybe he’s driving his mother’s car?

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