Latest Fall Report

December 24, 2004 * 5 Comments

Missy: 4 falls Chris: 2 falls Lisa: 0 falls Zero. ZERO. Z E R O. (The male child didn’t attend this family outing tonight – – he had cooler places to be with cooler people to hang with. Yaknow – he’s 15) Actually, it wasn’t funny – – except in hindsight now. Chris and I decided to run the double blacks tonight – – which is always fun in a flying-in-the-air-feet-not-touching-the-ground kind of way! We did two runs, and on the third – – about 1/4 of the way down the steep slope . . . Chris realized that he […]


December 23, 2004 * 2 Comments

It’s 9 degrees out there tonight! 9!! N I N E ! And here’s the snow report. You betcha we’re hitting the slopes tonight! Look for fall reports later 😉

Fall Report

December 21, 2004 * 8 Comments

15 balmy degrees on the slopes tonight – – it was invigorating! It was a very welcome diversion from everything else – – didn’t even think about work ONCE tonight 🙂 Here’s the fall report: Melissa: 3 falls Ben: 5 falls Chris: 2 falls Lisa: 0 falls That’s right – I rawk! While I was gone Leanne finished painting my kitties!! She’s shipping it out tomorrow and I just cannot wait to get it – – unwrap it . . . stare at it for about a week and then take it down to our local art gallery to get […]

Done For The Day!

December 21, 2004 * 3 Comments

I am done for the day. I am shutting this thing down and packing up my skis – – bundling myself up in warm clothes and going skiing! First ski of the season – I’m downright excited! I’ll have the camera with me – – so maybe some pictures of me flopped on my ass in the snow or something. Later, gators!

Will Preston Forgive Me?

December 12, 2004 * 9 Comments

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to sit my ass on the couch and vegged out in front of the TV and enjoyed a Packer game from start to finish. Today – I’m gonna do it. I’ve missed the last 3-4 weeks worth of games because of work – – relying on TV reports and blog reports on the game in order to catch the highlights. I take that back. When I was in Atlanta last week – I did sit and watch the game against the Eagles . . . but I think I […]

The Pack & Skins

October 31, 2004 * 16 Comments

See . .this is a rarity for me. I’m rooting for the Skins today against my beloved Pack. There are somethings that trump a Packer win – – and that is the my President winning re-election. Call me superstitious, fine. As the record shows – if the Washington Redskins win their game on the week before elections, the incumbant has won re-election. If they lose, the challenger wins the office. Along the same line – there is another theory that the record shows if the Green Bay Packers lose their game on the week before election, the incumbant wins re-election, […]

Those Poor Boys!

October 24, 2004 * 9 Comments

They just scored in the 4th with a beautiful Farve/Driver connection! Score: 33 Packers – 13 Dallas. Is the Fox NFL theme playing inside your head . . . so much so that you are compelled to sing it out loud? Well, it is for me – call me weird. No, really – go ahead, I’ve been called worse 🙂

Water Update – Still None

October 3, 2004 * 7 Comments

Day #2 of the waterless home. Ever think of how very much we depend on water — it’s essential! You just don’t think about it on a regular basis, I bet! Thankfully we’re not completely without water – – but since it’s not drinkable water – I always have to think twice about it. I’m so used to filling the coffee maker up with water from the tap – – using it for cooking, etc. Tomorrow the plumbing crew will be here at 8am to start installing the new well pumb – – it’s a four hour process that will […]

Packers v. Colts

September 26, 2004 * 27 Comments

Dare I make a prediction on this game today? Last week, I predicted that the Pack would take da’Bears 28 – 7 and I could not have been more wrong. I wasn’t just wrong – – I was WAY OFF. This week – I’ll venture out there and predict that the Pack will take the Colts 21 – 7. I think the Pack is still hurting after last weeks match up – – Farve was especially P.O.’d, if you caught his post-game press appearance, that boy was none too happy. For now, I’m headed upstairs to make some snacks for […]

Planning n' Plotting

September 22, 2004 * 2 Comments

Considering how screwed up our summer was with Chris being gone for 3 months and my working like a fiend – now that things have calmed down considerably, I’m planning a vacation. We already have a vacation planned in February – which is the annual coporate trip that Chris’s company hosts every year . . . this one I’m planning for the Chris, I and the kids. I’m looking a few different locations for a nice, relaxing ski trip. In February, we’re headed out to Lake Tahoe for the corporate ski trip, just Chris and I (and the other owners […]

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