Snow, Beautiful Snow!

October 11, 2006 * 9 Comments

I’m THRILLED to report that it is that time of year again – – and as an extra added treat, it has come much earlier than usual. Keeping my fingers crossed that it actually sticks this year! Last years snowfall was pathetic and our family skiing season passes virtually went to waste last year. My daugher, Melissa, snapped this photo of this years first snowfall – she’s just as excited as I am about it. We’ve got fires buring in both fireplaces tonight – and I’ll be falling asleep to dreams of the black diamonds. One can only hope!

Bonaire Diving

July 25, 2006 * 7 Comments

This is a post that I promised my friend, Balbulican. Balbulican is a diver of the experienced and knowledgeable sort. I spent a few days, prior to our honeymoon, in email conversation with him about Bonaire – specifically regarding diving in Bonaire. He is a WEALTH of information and he should get paid for doing this stuff, really. An encyclopedia of knowledge he is. He runs a site at Underwater Motion, with his friend George – where they are “committed to capturing the beauty and excitement of the world’s premiere dive destinations on DVD.” Before we left for Bonaire – […]

Brett still unsure

April 8, 2006 * 8 Comments

My favorite player of all time is tossing around retirement ideas. During a very brief news conference today – – and I do mean brief — Brett Farve said the following in regards to his potential retirement from football: ““I think the Packers have to go in a certain direction at some point,” he added. “I know people are getting impatient, but enjoy baseball right now.” -Brett Favre“When I do know, I would tell them as soon as possible — maybe within the next week. It has been a strain on the family as well.”“. Ok. Fine. It’s not like […]

Poor me

October 23, 2005 * 5 Comments

I’m laid up in bed today with no immediate plans to go anywhere. I will spare you all the gory details of my symptoms and just leave it at this: I have the flu. I haven’t felt this horrendous in a long damn time. That’s just fair warning to you Vikings fans to take it easy on me today. Not that ilt will be an issue anyways – the Queens don’t seem to have it together today and my Pack are kicking butt at Lambeau this afternoon. (Of course, yes I realize if this game were in the Dome, I’d […]

Getting it out of their system

October 9, 2005 * 3 Comments

I said last week that The Pack had a bad start to their season – but I felt that they got it all out of their system – so now the real playin’ starts. Today, so far – they are just slaying the Saints 21-3 at the top of the 2nd. Seems as though I was right (she says hopefully as she settles in for three more quarters). End of Game Update Greenbay: 52 New Orleans: 3 That’s what I call an ass whup! How embarassing!

Pack Fans

September 28, 2005 * 4 Comments

Mostly, this is for RedFred..but Astro can feel free to play along, too. You just don’t find this kinda shit anywhere else, man!


September 26, 2005 * 9 Comments

I was going to post a bit about the Packers game against the Bucs, the Pack’s third loss this season so far (and to the Bucs no less!) – – however, RedFred hijacked this comment thread to give us all updates on a game that really wasn’t too bad, despite the loss. Thanks for the commentary, Fred – ya bastard! :p

Game Day

September 18, 2005 * 5 Comments

Seeing as how last weekend I was still on vacation – I had to miss the Packers v. Lions. Seems I didn’t miss much. 🙁 There was a nice Cigar and Congac bar that we’d all meet up in – – have a few drinks.. the guys would smoke a few stoggies. But because it’s a bar on a ship that gets sattelite television from european stations? All we could watch in there was Soccer and Tennis games. No football.. at all. Ever. As for today? I’m settled in my office with some work and my TV tuned in. So […]

New Toy

April 12, 2005 * 8 Comments

We just returned from boat shopping. We’ve been talking about getting one since this time, two years ago. We never really got around to actually looking into it, though. But today, Chris got a hair up his butt to go look at one because, this time of the year, the prices are still reasonable. If we waited another month – prices would go up because of the season. We enjoy camping, fishing, waterskiing . . and every year we look at each other and say, “We really should look into getting a boat.” We ended up making a decision on […]

Quickie Fall Report

January 16, 2005 * 6 Comments

Chris: 0 Lisa : 1 No. Really. It’s because the top bindings on my boots were too loose. Honest .. I never fall. It had to have been the boots fault! Right off the damn lift, too . . . off the lift – – not-so-graceful fall down the path. It. Was. The. Boots. I’m telling ya.

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