Something I'd really love to share.. but can't!


There is something I saw today that I really want to share here on this site, but I just can’t. I’m really excited about it and would love to show you… but… ack!

See, the problem with family members knowing the URL to your blog significantly decreases the amount of things you can share on your blog – – ESPECIALLY when it comes to birthday presents!

I have a certain person in the house with a birthday coming up a little over a month and I got something really special for them! It’s a certain custom something that needed to be specially made.. just for her. If you’re truly interested in seeing this thing of beauty – – then if you know who the maid of honor was in my wedding in 2006 (if you don’t you can use my search feature) .. go to her blog and have a look at the June 7th entry. (ok.. just shhhhhhhh and go here)

My problem isn’t so much that this particular birthday person will read this entry – – she rarely reads my blog at all, and currently, is actually grounded from the internet (oops!) – – I’m just worried if I put the actual picture of the thing on here, she’ll see it up on my monitor and the surprise will be ruined. It’s easier to minimize a browser full of text and have it go undetected.. but a picture gets burned into the eye within a split second, ya know? Must. Keep. It. A. Secret.

Anyhow, I’m thrilled. This person, my maid of honor, has been doing what she does forever – – and for as long as I’ve known her, she just gets better and better at what she does, with each new….err.. thing. Impressed!

When the time comes, I’ll link the crappolla out of it and share the picture… but for now, if you wanna see it – you’ll have to go on a little hunt!

Yay birthdays!

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2 thoughts on “Something I'd really love to share.. but can't!”

  1. Yes… Keeping a secret can be very hard when it’s about a birthday present.
    Last year I managed to get my girlfriend thinking that I had forgotten all about her birthday and that I would make it up with her later and she believed me!
    So I played my part and exactly on midnight I gave her the present!
    You should seen her face, she was very happy and never though that I had a present for her all the time! That was priceless! 😀

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