Something Fishy


Almost done with the old townhouse. There are just a few odds n’ ends over there that I need to deal with. This afternoon, I finally got the aquarium taken apart and only one fish perished. I brought it back home (to the new house) and set it up. No small task with a 100 gallon fish tank, let me tell you! But I did it all by myself – – ain’t ‘cha proud?

I saw a hummingbird today! He was at my hummingbird feeder for a split second – – took his little sip and flittered away. It was short, but sweet. Maybe he’ll go tell his friends, and his friends will tell their friends, and so on and so on…

I was on-call yesterday and didn’t receive one call all day and night. That is pretty amazing for a Sunday. I just love making $300 in a day for doing absolutely nothing. Well, it’s not as if I didn’t accomplish anything yesterday – – I did get quite a few boxes unpacked and put away.

My mom asked me today, “So, when are you and C. getting married.”

I about spit my triple vanilla latte through my nose and choked right there on the spot. Is she nuts? We are getting settled in. We are planning on getting a new bedroom set. We are going to get a decent entertainment unit for the family room. The last thing we are going to be getting is married anytime soon.

Been there. Done that. I think I’ll just shack up for a good, long while, if ya don’t mind, Ma? Ok?

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