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Last weekend we bought this:

It’s a 46 gallon aquarium bought to replace the 25 gallon hexa-tank that we had, previouslly. It has a huge filter system in it and plenty of airation. We filled it and let it warm up and treated the water as directed.

A few things have happened with it.

First, the cover didn’t come with it – – it was on back order. I didn’t pick up the cover until yesterday. So, all week long – – I’ve been laying a long cutting board over the top of the aquarium to keep the fish from jumping out – – and to keep the 6 crabs from crawling out.

They crawled out anyways. They climbed up the tubing for the air pump. Every day I had to check the tank and knock the crabs off the top edge of the aquarium – back into the water. I was having nightmares about crabs coming after my toes!

I came home yesterday – – finally — with the cover. But not in time, apparently. One of our cats was batting one of the crabs around the kitchen floor – – and there were two other crabs lurking on the floor, as well. I had to gather them up (ICK Alert!) and put them back. Unfortunately, the small crab that the cat was playing with didn’t make it. He died a few hours after being put back into his home. *sob*

We also lost two angel fish yesterday. Not sure what it is about the aquarium that it seems to only be affecting the angel fish? I guess I’ll look that up. But there is this odd pink fluff that has formed on the rock. We have a few big rocks placed in the tank — and this pink fluff has formed just on the rock. Not on the coral that covers the bottom – and it doesn’t appear on the plants or the sides of the tank – – it doesn’t even hang on the tubing or the filter. It’s just this pink fluffy stuff that has formed on the rock (you can kind of see it on the white rock on the right side of the tank in the picture above.) Not sure what it is – or what to do about it.

I guess I’ll google it.

Love google!

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  2. hey ! get rid of that pink furry rock!
    I think it sounds like it isnt suitable for aquarium use. They all have to be specially treated.
    I had two crabs once in mine. They were a nightmare for climbing out. One thing that would help for a while (until they ruinind it) was putting masking tape over the little cracksat the back.
    I once found one huge crab rustling by our kitchen bin!

  3. All the rocks are pink and furry now! *sob*

    I’m taking in the dead fish to the store — they have a 30 day guarantee on them.

    I’m also taking in a water sample for them to test to see if I have something horribly wrong!

    Last count – – 5 dead fish and one dead crab. I’m not doing do good.

  4. No, I didn’t name them – thankfully. The water tested high for amonia and nitrate – – and he gave me this stuff with live bacteria (Iew!) in it to stabalize my tank.
    We’ll see I guess

  5. well – we lost 4 more fish in the process, but I think they couldn’t recover from the high amonia/nitrate levels.

    Since things have calmed down, however – the tank seeems to have settled. Keep your fingers crossed!

  6. Sorry to hear things didn’t go so well… it’s tough in the beginning as the cycle happens. Most fish stores tell you to just go ahead and toss fish in there right away, which usually means fish dying, and you going back to the store to buy more. 😕 The best advice, is to start slow… just add one or two fish at first, give it a week, keep testing the water, and if it’s going well, add another fish each week until you’re fully stocked. That live bacteria stuff is great too, definitely helps speed things up!

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