Something About Friday


Last week was crazy hectic with custom design requests. Really, it was nuts — I thought I’d lose my mind.

This week has been nice and slow – – one, or two – but that’s about it. It’s how it is with this business. I’ve been doing it for about 8 years now and it’s either feast, or famine. It never really seems to come at a nice, even pace — it’s always HUGE amounts of work to do, or none. But, there is always something to do to keep me busy, which is why I also branched off into print design work for publishing.

I’ve noticed something in the past few months. Clients usually seem to flood me with requests on Fridays. I’m wondering… why Fridays? Is there something about Friday that makes people want to change their template, change their hosting, start a new blog? Today is Friday and all of the sudden I’m inundated again! Which is a really great thing – – it’s keeps me off the streets and outta trouble!

But . . .

What is it about Friday? Is it a pay day thing? Is it a going into the weekend thing? I’m really very curious — any input?

3 thoughts on “Something About Friday”

  1. It’s the “looking at two days, must finish my to do list for this week so I look good to my boss on Monday” thing.

    That way, it looks like they’ve been on top of it when the boss asks the status. “Oh, yeah, I contacted the designer last week … ” The key words being “last week” …

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