Some things just endure


Had to take Kid #1 to work tonight. Kid #2, my daughter, came along for the ride because I mentioned I was stopping at Pier 1 to browse.. she loves that store as much as I do. So, we drop him off at work… make a quick stop at Starbucks, which is totally mandantory, ya know?

Starbucks it is… then we’re off to Pier 1. I have one of my favorite CD’s of ALL time (I have a lot of those) in the player and we’re jamming to great tunes. I’m feeling like I’m introducing my 15 year old daughter to some of the awesome music of MY time… you know me… yea, “HI, I’m the ‘classic rocker’ in the car”.. Anyways…

The song comes on. She lets out a little squeal of delight and says …

“Mom.. this song is SO random!! It’s the best – – I am SO putting this on my MySpace tonight when we get home!”

Then proceeds to sing along.. knowing every single lyric to it.. beginning to end. And this really isn’t a song that the lyrics come easy, know what I mean? …

Queen – Bicycle Race

Some things just endure the test of time, I guess! Ok – back to work for me, just had to share!

6 thoughts on “Some things just endure”

  1. So would that make a couple of Stone Cold Crazy Fat Bottom Girls Under Pressure going Headlong into a Bicycle Race while waiting for the Hammer to Fall with One Vision? Don’t Stop Me Now because There’s a Kind of Magic and I’m Going Slightly Mad, but The Show Must Go On and I Want it All!!!!! :d

  2. Now I’m Here so I figured that since Your My Best Friend and I’m a Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy I’d Play the Game. I mean, Who Wants to Live Forever? These Are the Days of Our Lives and I just want you to Save Me from the Killer Queen with One Year of Love. You know, that Crazy Little Thing Called Love? Just Don’t Lose Your Head and forget that Pain is So Close to Pleasure… b-)

  3. You could entertain me all day long with this stuff.

    you’re Just a Man On The Prowl, so go ahead and Tear It Up for this Sweet Lady – i’m in Good Company.

    God Save The Queen.


  4. Since We Are the Champions, Princes of the Universe even, we might have to Tie Your Mother Down before going to the Seven Seas of Rhye for our Seaside Rendezvous and A Night at the Opera to celebrate. I know she’ll cry out “I Want To Be Free”, but It’s a Hard Life and you can’t always Breakthru.


  5. I’m not so lost inside my Bohemian Rhapsody that I don’t recognize your stunning Innuendo and The Miracle of your One Vision – It’s A Beautiful Day and i think you must be Made In Heaven.

    However – I have to tell you that Heaven Is For Everyone and while I’m sure I was Born To Love You, please be advised that Too Much Love Will Kill You.

    My final question for The Invisible Man… Was It All Worth It?

    Fat Bottomed Girl, Who Makes The Rockin’ World Go Round.

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