So much coolness all in one place – SXSW 2009

Charnell Pugsley from ServerBeach, and myself getting things rollin at SXSW 2009
Charnell Pugsley from ServerBeach, and myself getting things rollin' at SXSW 2009

I cannot begin to tell you how great SXSW was this year – it keeps getting better each year I go.  That is probably because of the fact that I meet new people every year, and get the opportunity to see old friends, as well.  This year was no different.  Want to give a big thanks to ServerBeach for hosting me at their exhibit booth at the Trade Show this year – it was a crazy success and hope to do it again in the near future.    For those of you who stopped by the booth, picked up some free themes and may even have won a free signed copy of WordPress For Dummies – I really, super enjoyed it!

Even Matt Mullenweg stopped by – I was really happy to finally meet him in person and chat a little bit about WordPress and get a picture of him and I with WordPress For Dummiesperfect!

Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Matt Mullenweg, WordPress for Dummies

ServerBeach gave authorization for the themes I created for giveaway at SXSW to be released in the WordPress Themes Directory – so I’ll be getting them up there within the next week, or so – hopefully.

I will write more about my time in Austin at SXSW a little later – – problem  with being away for 4-5 days is the amount of work that piles up while you’re gone!  I’m buried…but digging out!  In the meantime, I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos to my Facebook — if you happen to see yourself in them, please tag the photo with your name.  I’m better with faces than I am with names!

19 thoughts on “So much coolness all in one place – SXSW 2009”

    1. Zeke – really glad I got the chance to meet you in Austin. So cool that you brought your 1st edition for an autograph and THEN won a 2nd edition, as well. You rock 😀

  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! It was great seeing you again and I enjoyed spending the afternoons with you in the booth! Hopefully you’re rested and getting back in your groove at home by now.

    Look forward to seeing you again soon!


  2. Charnell – that was SO much fun, and it was fantastic to get the chance to see you again 🙂 Hopefully, we’ll be seeing you and Kevin in Chicago in June, right? 😀

    I’ve *almost* got my groove back over here – – it’s always slow going after things like this haha 🙂

  3. Thank you for your dummies book. But, I still would like to get additional assistance from the wordpress queen. I purchased wpremix themes and will appreciate additional assistance with it.

    Thanks much,

  4. Hello, from a fellow Dummies author!

    As you saw in both my Twitter addresses and now here, I’m Tee Morris, one of the guys behind Podcasting for Dummies. I am currently prepping for a “Writing for Blogs” class and I am intending to use your book as a cornerstone for the class. So far, your book is teaching me a thing or two about blogging and I am thinking to myself that this was the right book if not the BEST book to use for this (first time) class in the MD-DC-VA area.

    Please do not be a stranger. Send me a tweet. Visit my own haunts online. I hope we can chat sometime!

    1. Hello, Tee – thanks for stopping by and kudos on your book. Thanks for using WordPress For Dummies as a text guide for your class – best of luck!

  5. Lisa,

    How do you feel when the lunatic Cecilia Beckroth, that has been declared helplessly unrecoverably insane, uses your name on her website?
    She is clearly a hirank corrupted criminal, that noone should touch with their bare hands. Be aware!

  6. Hi. I’ve been reading your book WordPress for Dummies. It is one thing I miss there: My internet provider are installing latest version of WordPress with a click of a button. I should really change the apperance of my blog, but I dont find in your book how to do this. Themes are easy to change, but it is very inpersonal. How do I edit and change the front page of my blog?

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