Snow, Beautiful Snow!


I’m THRILLED to report that it is that time of year again – – and as an extra added treat, it has come much earlier than usual. Keeping my fingers crossed that it actually sticks this year! Last years snowfall was pathetic and our family skiing season passes virtually went to waste last year. My daugher, Melissa, snapped this photo of this years first snowfall – she’s just as excited as I am about it.

We’ve got fires buring in both fireplaces tonight – and I’ll be falling asleep to dreams of the black diamonds. One can only hope!

Wisconsin Snow!

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9 thoughts on “Snow, Beautiful Snow!”

  1. I know you’re not happy about the snow – and I wish I could say I’m sympathetic to your cause. If there were a snow dance.. I’d be doing one right about now!

    SWOOSH! <:-p PS - Melissa says "thank you!" :)>–

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