I should really sleep one of these days, eh?

Yea – but not when brand new clients get snarky new looks for their brand new blogs!! Who can sleep?

Stacy took full advantage of our Out Damn Spot! special made especially for BlogSpot users! She’s got herself a great new domain with the full hosting package – with all it’s bells and whistles. Then, on top of all of that – she got a brand new custom template for 50% off the regular fee (because new hosting clients get that perk!). Here’s her new look:

House of Snark

We still have yet to import all of her posts from BlogSpot – – that’s on tomorrow’s list! A girl has GOT to sleep, ya know! 🙂

1 thought on “Snarky!”

  1. yes a girl has got to get some sleep and being you made this post at around 4AM I hope you are sleeping late this morning!

    BTW – – I really like the template you made for her blog – very stylish 🙂

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