Sleep? What's that?


Starbuck's Double Shot Seriously, it’s no wonder why I don’t get any sleep. I continue to kid myself that it’s not because of my coffee habit. I just sit and wonder – what came first? The insomnia? or the coffee addiction? Personally, it’s a combination of both.

I redesigned my blog. Not a whole lot different – – same color combinations, because they’ve become my favorite. A little different CSS stylings and different imagery that reflects my feelings about my insomnia. Kind of up in the wee, floaty hours of the morning when everyone else sleeps blissfully.

“Running on pure insomnia since 1994” it says.

That’s the year I began my professional nursing career – and while I think my insomnia started way before then during nursing school, it officially began that year. As a novice nurse fresh out of the newly graduated fray of optimistic, bright eyed caregivers – I got the shit shifts. The graveyards, they call ’em. 11pm to 7am – five days a week.

That is, if you were lucky to actually get out of the building at 7am. Usually, it was more like 9am or 10 because the morning nurse didn’t show up and it took administration that long to find somone to replace her. Or the morning nurse was late reporting. Or the shift was just so damned busy that the only time you could find the time to get all the documentation and paperwork done was after the next shift had shown up and you were relieved of your floor duties and could hide in a conference room to finish charting the nights events.

Then, I would go home to two young toddlers, not even in preschool yet. I would nap when they napped and suck down coffee when they were awake.

Years of doing that kind of sets your internal clock for life. I never did ever get used to sleeping on a normal schedule. To me, it feels weird to crawl into bed at 10pm and expect to actually sleep through the whole night. I rarely get a nice 8 hours. On a really good night, I get 4 hours, uninterrupted.

But it’s how I function. I don’t feel like I lack sleep. I’m energetic. I’m active. I’m engaged in life.

Sometimes, I just wonder how life would be on the other side. Ya know, the side that actually sleeps decently.

Anyways – it’s been a good long while since I’ve posted here. So, I figured after 11 days – I’d post with my new design. What have I been up to?

  • Working with some seriously..awesomefolks!
  • Jammin’ to BEP
  • Meeting this chicka for lunch after a long, wonderful year of getting to know her online and on the phone.
  • Planning our trip down to Alabama starting 7/1 – – Chris, the kids and I will be staying at the lake home for 2 full weeks. Can you believe I’m hauling my computer down there so I can get some work done while I’m there? I’m so pathetic!
  • Making a new geeky purchase
  • Getting all excited and involved in my new hobby!

That’s it.

Coffee anyone?

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15 thoughts on “Sleep? What's that?”

  1. I find sleep to be an annoying interruption. I’ve been functioning on about 4-5 hours of sleep per night for several years, now. Originally out of necessity, now it’s become my routine. I do drink coffee, but I am too cheap to fork out for the DoubleShot.

    I’ve asked on my own blog these questions, but never got any reasonable asnwers: why sleep? If the body needs rest, then rest. But why become unconcscious?

    If can’t be dreams; I’ve never recalled dreaming. If mind needs to sleep so it can imagine, why am I able to imagine a rolling meadow in my mind’s eye right now?

  2. Love the new look hun! It’s very tidy :mrgreen:
    I’ve got the same problem with insomnia…I can’t fall asleep til 1 or 2am then I wake up at 7:43 every freakin morning…it’s really annoying. 😕

  3. Glad to hear you’re still alive. I was afraid things took another bad turn with your Dad or that you were trying to break Chris out of the big house after he tied an anchor around Scotty’s neck…

  4. Oh, and the new look is pretty good. Of course, I liked the one with the chick taking her pants off better… 😈

  5. astroknight, think of it this way…this chick is getting wet! 😯

    Anyway…now that I completely ruined the comments…lol…love the new look. And, I like the shorter sidebar, too. 😉

  6. Charlie – I totally agree. Sleep is incredibly inconvienent! Think of all the things I could get done in a day if I didn’ thave to stop and sleep, dammit! 😯

  7. Bug – thanks!

    The insomnia thing can get annoying at times – – when all you really want to do is curl up in bed and take a nice long sleep.

    Ah well – – I want a million dollars, too – but I don’t see that coming to me anytime soon lol

  8. Wench – that’s a perfect solution for Astro. Good thing you’re around to keep his mind occupied lol

    and thanks for the comments on the design. I wanted simpler, cleaner – – blogs are just so darned busy these days. 🙂

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  11. If your sleep is interruped by “restless legs” (i.e., a sensation that you need to get out of bed and walk just to make your legs feel better, check out the site for lots more info. (Including info about a related condition called “Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep -PLMS-which keeps one from getting restful sleep no matter the duration.)

    If that is not it, why not try a sleep eval at a hospital sleep clinic?

    Sorry to be so practical.


  12. You know what, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t a bad idea at all. Sleep deprivation can really be nasty especially if it’s getting out of hand. You’re a nurse and I’m sure you know the ill effects of insomnia. :d Here’s a link that offers helpful info about insomnia, shift-work sleep disorder, its effects and their interventions. You might find one that will help you sleep more conveniently.

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