Apparently – these things are marketed to men. They are personal vending machines with the logo of their favorite sports teams on them. Fill them with beer, soda – whatever you want, I guess.

How many of you guys out there would purchase a beer vending machine with your favorite sports logo on it and put it in your Rec. Room? I just ask – – is getting up to go to the fridge during the big game just too much to ask?

It must be – because these things sell like hotcakes. Go ask Gary – – he recently hired me to do the re-design on his SkyBox Weblog. In the design biz – you learn new things every day about stuff you never even knew was out there.

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2 thoughts on “SkyBox”

  1. I saw those a while back and if it weren’t for the mediocre reviews at the time (didn’t keep cans very cold) then I would’ve considered one. I’ve always wanted a soda machine in my game room, and when I do get a house and have a game room, I’ll probably by something of the like.

  2. I am trying to purchase a sky box soda machine new & I can’t find a place that sells them anywhere. Do you know of any?

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