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Ever since I skied at Lake Tahoe on the slopes at Heavenly and at Kirkwood – I guess I’ve become a bit of a ski snob when it comes to skiing in Wisconsin.

The kids have been talking about taking a ski vacation with us to Tahoe. We didn’t take them last year, because it was a business trip (read: Adults Only). Every year, Chris’s company hosts a ski trip for the owners and a guest. It was my first time in Tahoe – and I loved it. And now, after hearing about it and seeing pictures of it – the kids want to go.

Sounds like fun!

Except for one thing – – the kids don’t know how to ski. So, I decided a good Christmas present would be to get them a ski package, locally, that includes private ski lessons, so that when we do take our next trip (Tahoe or Aspen), we won’t be spending the entire trip teaching them how to ski, because they’ll already know how and it’ll be more fun for them that way.

So we went to check out the local ski hills that Wisconsin has available. And let me just say – – they were pathetic. lol I realize that I spoiled myself with the vastness that is Lake Tahoe — and skiing on actual mountains does make a difference than skiing on a little hill . . and I hate to be a ski snob because it is my local community and I should be more supportive…but, truly, after being on the slopes there – – the “slopes” here are somewhat laughable.

The runs at Heavenly can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to go from top to bottom…and the ride back up takes about 20 minutes. The runs here look like they’d take a whole 5 minutes from top to bottom with a comparable 20 minute ride back up to the top.

I shouldn’t be so elitist, I know. Actually, it is the perfect place for the kids to learn how to ski – – and the runs aren’t intimidating, whatsoever. But hopefully, taking them to Tahoe, eventually, won’t spoil them when they return to our hill — compared to that mountain.

We were walking away from the ski shop, after inquiring about their packages for lessons – and Chris says, “Well, look at it this way – – at least here you can say you skied the black runs!” Because the black runs on this ski hill are about the same as the blue runs in Tahoe.

Black runs, here I come!

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6 thoughts on “Ski Snob”

  1. That sounds like fun! I have only been skiing once and pretty much just got a crash course from my boyfriend at the time. But I have to say I did pretty good for a first timer and had a blast.

  2. The picture (if you followed the link) is a picture of Chris and I in Lake Tahoe – – which is in Nevada – about 1500 miles from where we live. The link to the runs that take only 5 minutes, however — that is about 15 minutes from where we live now. 🙂

    The Lake Tahoe pic IS beautiful scenery – I can’t wait to go back!

  3. That is exactly how I learned, too, Lori! Chris took me up to the top and said “Ok – go down”.

    Bah . . lessons! Who needs stinkin’ lessons?

  4. Don’t worry Lisa, you’re not alone in feeling like an elitist. I’m actually from San Francisco and used to regularly spend my weekends skiing in Tahoe.

    I’ve lived in Australia for four years now. Here the biggest ski spots have like three runs and they rave when they get 5 feet of snow. I love this country, but once you’ve skied Tahoe, nothing compares.

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