Ski Night Out


We went skiing tonight. We were out for 6 hours. I actually skied the black diamonds. I have one thing to say – –


And not in a good “I’ve been spanked hard” kinda sore – – but in a “One too many times falling on my bum” kinda sore! Oh, but we had fun! Taught the kids how to ski – – well, Melissa skied, Ben snowboarded – they both had a blast and did pretty darn well too. I love my new skis – – although, I have to say, they took awhile getting used to. They are very different than the rentals I’m used to using – – so the first few times down the slopes were spent more on my (now sore) ass, than anything else. It was fun. Now I’m cold – – I lit a fire in the fireplace…Chris is upstairs making some hot coffee and I think I’ll sleep like a rock tonight.

As a side note, and totally unrelated – – regarding Michael Jackson? Note to the media and entertainment industry at large – – Stop treating him like Michael Jackson and start treating him like a man charged with child molestation and pedophillia, ok? I’m tired of hearing how “innocent” and “child-like” he is. I’m sick to death of hearing about how he grew up in a bubble. How he never was afforded a ‘normal’ childhood. How he is Peter Pan-ish. It makes me sick.

He is a sick man who thinks it’s ok to light a few candles, play soft music, serve up some warm milk and snuggle up in bed with 10-12 year olds who are not his own children. He is a man charged with pedophillia – – that’s it. That’s all. Nothing more special than that to see here, folks.

Who really gives a shit about his own childhood? I don’t. I do feel bad for people who have ‘challenged’ upbringings – – but in my mind, that doesn’t come into play – – and it sure as hell doesn’t justify these types of actions and activities. He grew up in a bubble – so deal with it. Don’t take it out on innocent children and exploit their admiration and adoration for the “King of Pop” for your own sorted fantasies and desires.

He’s not the “King of Pop”, Mr. and Mrs. Media – – he is a man from California who is charged with, and facing trial for, P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-L-I-A.

End of story.

Thank you, and good night.

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  1. What gets me is how MJ was saying how the police mistreated him! And then the police dept. had to show their own videos as proof they did not. This guy is messed up big time and because of his lies about the police, it makes me wonder just how guilty the guy is.

  2. God, yes! I’m sick of it too. Jacko is as sick as they come. His family is nuts too – I just saw Germaine on TV – they are all living in a different universe than the rest of us.

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