Sister, Sister


I have a sister, did you know that?

Of course you didn’t. Most people don’t.

Her and I aren’t on speaking terms. She rarely enters my daily thoughts. She’s not a part of my life. This is really ok with me – it’s kind of how it’s been our whole lives together as siblings.

It just never really occurred to me how absent she is in my life until the other day when I was talking to my boss, Tina. I mentioned something about needing one of the summer holidays off for a family function. She asked, “So, just your folks and your brother and his family?” I said, “Yea – and my sister and her family.”

She said, “I had no idea you have a sister.”

I said, “Most people don’t”

I thought about calling her just to say hi. Then I took a break…rested my head, and the feeling went away. Thankfully it did – – that would’ve been a call I regretted.

That’s all.

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