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Ain’t technology great? While I”m working . . . I can get some holiday shopping done all at the same time. I wont’ say more than this: Amazon Wish lists are great things!

PR Topics I just finished up another project for Robert @ Auburn University. The first project I did for him is his blog over at infOpinions, which is a blog he keeps for and with his students of his PR/Journalism course. He then contacted me shortly thereafter for this project: He Sez, She Sez – which was a fun project to do. Then, earlier this month, he contacted me again for another project. This man has ideas bursting out of his ears!

This project is similar to the He Sez, She Sez one – except it has more of a ‘corporate/professional’ focus, rather than a ‘student’ focus. Much of the design concept came from Robert – he sent in color swatches and samples of what he was looking for, in terms of detail. With images from my personal image library (yes, yes – – purchased, paid for and licensed, thanks for asking) – we put together a nice blog for his new project. We’re becoming quite a team, Robert and I.

This one, as all of his others, should definitely be an interesting blog to watch as it develops. I’m still waiting for his ‘He Sez, She Sez’ blog to get a move-on . . . but I think he mentioned something about setting up authors and posting starting next semester, after the New Year – or something like that.

Anyways – from the sounds of it – this is one to add to the ol’ blog roll. Thank you, Robert – as always, it was a great pleasure! Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Shopping and Working”

  1. 😀 Thank you, Lisa! I love the design! A team! I like teams. Cool. 🙂 Yep, all of the blogs will probably be quiet until school starts back mid-January.

    Oh, Don’t let her fool ya’ folks. I mentioned a few colors – showed her a picture – then, presto! chango! another Lisa work of magic! 🙂 I half expect a rabbit (or TTLB “Snow Bunny”) to pop out of the blog at any minute. 😉 Thanks!

    (I didn’t know they had snow bunnies?) 😯

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