Done with skiing – – and I didn’t fall once! Not one time!

Aren’t ya proud?

The son is doing just excellent with the snowboarding, too. He’ll be ready for those Colorado Mountains in no time! The daughter didn’t go because she’s grounded – – for homework reasons. She was depressed because she loves to ski . . . and I’ll bet she won’t make the same mistake next time!

It was kind of nice having her home while we skied. I know that sounds horrible, but on the ride home from – we were about 5 minutes from home and I called her from the cell and said:

“We’re almost home – – I’d LOVE a hot latte, so would Chris!”

She says, “How far away are you?”

“About 5 mintues,” I said, “so you better get your butt in gear”

“Ok,” she says.

We walked in – – stripped off our frigid winter clothes and were handed a nice steaming cup of hot milk with a quad shot of espresso.

I KNEW there was a rationale reason for why I had kids! It just took me 14 years to figure it out! At the age of 35, I’ve finally reconciled my failed birth control measures 14 years ago. lol

I’m kidding, really. The kids are great. I miss them as babies – – but am really super enjoying them as teens . . homework headaches excluded. I do get the baby urge every now and again — mostly when someone has one right smack dab in my line of vision. But then I look next to the parent and see endless baby supplies piled high and deep around them and I’m quickly snapped back into reality and remember that when I’m 40, my kids will, hopefully, be in college and well on their way to adulthood. That’s enough for me to make the baby urges dissolve.

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