She Raped My Ear!


I had the pleasure of talking with this chicka on the phone today. I’m happy to report that she doesn’t lisp, it doesn’t appear that she drools or spits when she speaks and I want to confirm that she can string more than three intelligent words together to form a sentence!

It really was nice to talk to her . . after all this blogtime spent in comments and email. I just wanted to say that.

And Fred . . . if your ears were burning . . .that’s ’cause we talked about ya.

Nope. I’m not tellin’.

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10 thoughts on “She Raped My Ear!”

  1. Are you sure this shouldn’t be filed under the “sex” category? *laughing*

    Oh, and the same can be said for you, dear. (The no lisp, intelligent thing.)

    So, we shouldn’t mention the link between marmite and hives, then?

  2. Ha! I eat Marmite all the time ::drool:: Ands I’mth jusssst Fine ::spit::

    You two must have been really hard up for conversaton if I was the topic….

  3. My site is gone, but I’m still here! Just didn’t want you to freak. I will continue to read and post comments on my favorite sites.

  4. Eisenreich – thank you, muchly 🙂

    Yea – Jeanette password protected her site right after I made this post. Hopefully, it’s not permanent, though 🙂

    Thanks for stoppin’ by

  5. Hmmmmm. No mention of a stutter where it takes her two minutes just to say hi…

    Dang, that restriction sucks! 😥

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