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I picked up this Christmas CD at Starbucks the other day. Christmas music always puts me in a pleasant mood around the holidays. The CD is nice.. it’s jazzy and fun and the songs range from old classics to new holiday tunes. From Nat King Cole to Corrine Bailey Rae.

This evening, my daughter and I were on our way to pickup Chinese take-out and I had the CD playing in the car. Track number 5 came on and it was “Sleigh Ride” done by Ella Fitzgerald.

My daughter was singing along and then stopped and said “this lady sings really good… I like her voice and her style, who is it?” I tell her it’s Ella Fitzgerald and then start to tell her about this amazing jazz great. In the midst of telling her about Ella Fitzgerald, she tells me that we should pick up one of her CDs someday so she could listen to some of her stuff.

I, of course, have several Ella Fitzgerald CDs at home and I was simultaneously excited about sharing Ella with my daughter, while at the same time, somewhat ashamed that after 16 years, I hadn’t yet shared Ella with my daughter.

Shame on me!

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10 thoughts on “Sharing Ella”

  1. @Astro – I should say so. If I had my way.. everything would be such an offense :p

    @Jammie – she looks at my vinyl collection like it’s from outerspace. She owns very few CDs and downloads all of her music to her iPod. I usually don’t have to worry about my CDs going missing, thankfully.

    @Danalynn – yes please! 😀

  2. Here I am looking for pics of Wis. snow and you pop up. As I started to read, I realize this a person I would like to know. I also entered the nursing role but an unexpected pregnancy interrupted school and I just stayed working as a Unit Clerk. I have worked every area in a hospital, but I have settled into the NICU, and love it. As I read more I realized you have the same humor as my daughter-LOVE it.She also has a blog and works out of home developing blog templates. Anyhow I will follow your blog to keep up with WB. Oh I forgot-I was born in WB, but married a Marine and ended up in California. Go Packers!!!!

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