Need. To. Set. Limits.


Upgrade Your Mind Sheesh! You’d think all I ever do is design templates, hey? Well, pretty much that’s what I’ve been doing non-stop today. I’ll have a few more custom designed skins to show off later tomorrow.

I like to drive a bit of traffic to these clients of mine to show my appreciation for they faith they’ve placed in me by handing control of their blog over to me for a day, or two! Thomas has an interesting blog over at Upgrade Your Mind. It’s got a bit of a motivational flare to it – – so go give him a visit and check out his stuff.

I’ll be up for a while yet, working on other custom work I have to get done. I’ve seriously been doing this non stop since about 9 this morning – – I’m beginning to think that this self employment thing requires a bit of boundaries and setting of limits, hey? lol

But! I did take that hour and relaxed with my cup of coffee and a book, earlier. It was nice. Both of the kids were out of the house, visiting with friends – – so I had a nice, quiet house all to myself. Rare moment! Definitely one to be taken advantage of!

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