This juicer thing is really a pain in the butt! And it seemed like such a good idea at the time! 😉

Actually, I still love it. This morning – Chris and I treated ourselves to fresh apple/strawberry juice at breakfast. It was delicious – – but the clean up was a little burdensome. Luckily, the mess is all contained within the juicer itself . . .and there is no cut up fruit clean up – because you put the whole fruit in there… seeds, stems and all.

Later – I was preparing dinner for this evening. I picked up a sirloin tip roast yesterday for dinner. Put it in it’s pan with the appropriate spices (talking to Chelle on the phone at the same time – she informed me that there is no such thing as too much garlic in a beef roast). I was cutting up carrots, potatoes, onions . . . and decided, since I was doing the carrots – I’d try one of the vegetable juice recipes that comes in the booklet.

3 carrots and 6 ounces of spinach later – I felt like Popeye. My body isn’t going to know what hit it after I’ve worked my way through all the fruit and veggies in my house!

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10 thoughts on “Seriously”

  1. I have the juiceman Juicer and I love it too. But like you, I hate cleaning that bitch. I never thought I would like carrot/apple juice but I do. When I first got it I had carrot/apple everyday and after a few weeks people at work were complementing my skin and asking me if I changed my make up. The funny thing was that I was only wearing lipstick! The saying of you are what you eat sure is true.

  2. oh here’s a tip… I use those little plastic baggies (the ones you put your fruits and veggies in when you buy at the grocery store) and put them in the waste bin of my juicer. That’s one less part of the juicer I have to clean.

  3. This is the one thing I always heard about the juicers, they are great but clean up sucks. In fact, most of my friends who have gotten one stop juicing after just a short time because they get so sick of it.

  4. There’s pretty much no such thing as too much garlic, period. The only exception is things like chocolate cake or French toast…

  5. RedFred, yes, and graphical chocolate gives graphical poop, now doesn’t it? Astro, unwrap what? The chocolate or the garlic? How does not unwrapping garlic not give you garlic issues?

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