Serious Serial Series Syndrome


Go ahead – say THAT title 10 times fast – – then go ahead and untie your tongue while you’re at it! Serious Serial Series Syndrome™ – I have it.

I never, ever have time to get into a television series while it’s still running. Really – how do people keep up with it? To plunk my butt down in front of the television every Thursday at 7pm is way too much of a committment for me, and I do have committment issues, you know. Don’t let my newlywed status confuse you – – I’m a true phobe.

But – Netflix.comchanged my life! It has given me what I’ve been missing all these years (and Dave has also informed me that DVR is MUST for people like me – I’m currently in the process of talking Chris into it.) I have blogged about this before – but since I am currently in the midst of catching up on some of my favorites like 24, The Pretender, Prison Break, The Shield, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Unit – I figured I’d give another plug to .. my friend, my mail-order DVD supplier — without which I would be… well, not watching my favorite television series.

I’m still patiently awaiting last season of Alias to come out on DVD so I can feed that need. It is weird the way they release these things, though – for instance, I’ve finally gotten ahold of the final season of The Pretender – and that season ended in what…. 1999?

What really super torked me off, though was the first season of Surface – Now THAT was a great show that didn’t make it past the first season, which of course I didn’t realize until after I had watched the entire first season, only to realize that NBC cancelled it. For anyone else who had the good fortune to see that first season – I just have this to say:


There exists a site called Save Surface – I even signed the petition to bring back Nim. That’s how sick I am.

Sick with Serious Serial Series Syndrome™

6 thoughts on “Serious Serial Series Syndrome”

  1. You sound just like me, LOL! At the moment I’ve got all my Netflix discs out for a TV show – it’s the only way to go!! Don’t you just love Netflix?

  2. I totally heart Netflix! I’m curious about the DVR thing, though – – Chris comes home from his biz trip tonight, so I think that’s on the agenda of things to discuss before he leaves for his next trip on Monday! 😀

  3. I have TiVo, and I can’t even begin to say enough good things about it. Between that and Netflix, I never watch TV shows when they’re actually on, LOL! And I never watch commercials ;-)!

  4. Wow, Lisa. Love your new design here. Well, I just celebrated my one-year blogiversary — still tapping away on the blog you designed for me. Thanks a million! :d

  5. Hi Heather – happy blogiversary to you! Would you believe later this month will be my 4 year blogiversary? Wow! I’m old in blog years 🙂

    Very happy to know that the design has worked out so well for you – yours was great fun to do! :)>-

  6. I’m too cheap to pay for Tivo, and I hate a machine telling me what I should watch, but I LOVE our DVR. We got the Panasonic DVD-R with a built in DVR, and it will connect to the TV guide to tape stuff easily.

    As for TV on DVD, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! I’m going to start checking out The Book of Daniel when I get back from next week’s vacation. I also gotta finally check out [i]Lost[/i] and [i]Desperate Housewives[/i].

    As for your list, make sure you add the new [i]Battlestar Galactica[/i]. Mrs. Knight turned up her nose and made fun of me when I Netflixed it, but after the first couple hours of the miniseries pilot she was hooked (and she’s not a sci-fi person). Same for [i]Babylon 5[/i], which you have to stick with a bit to really get into…

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