Screech! Screech!


Just got home from my daughter’s 8th grade Orchestra concert.

Ever been to an 8th grade Orchestra concert? It’s like NOTHING you’ve ever heard before! I’ve been sitting through these concerts since she was in 3rd grade . . . and all I can say is it must be true motherly love that I sit there beaming my fool head off as they screech through their songs. 🙂

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to sit through 5th – 7th grade, too. Oy!

My house guests are gone – they flew back to Atlanta this afternoon. They had a great time at the Packer game yesterday – not only did the Pack win . . . but it snowed and it was cold and windly . . . the perfect Green Bay experience for those southern boys.

On the Peterson case – – I just have to say I’m SO glad it’s over. Maybe we can get back to real news on the news now instead of the ongoing obsession of one murder in a country of so many.

Last note – – Appletini’s are addicting. * hic *

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14 thoughts on “Screech! Screech!”

  1. Nice try, Lisa. I know she’s really just an actress you’ve hired to pretend she’s your “daughter.”

    You will NEVER convince me that you are old enough to have a 13 year old. Sorry.

  2. Oh, Thomas! I share the same dream as you. I’ve lived in Wisconsin all these years and have never been to a game inside Lambeau!

    That’s not to say that i haven’t partied in the parking lot!

    My friends bought their tix off the internet for $200 each. They are die-hard Pack fans and have never lived in WI a day in their lives! They’re from Atlanta and used my house instead of a hotel because I’m only an hour and 30 min. drive away from Green Bay.

    Tix are HARD to come by – – even for a cheesehead. If you get ahold of any, make sure you get an extra and pick me up on your way up to GB! 😀

  3. Jeanette – – I’m not sure what I have to do to convince you. Not only do I have a 13 year old daughter . . . but I have a 15 year old son, as well 🙂

    Check out my Photo Gallery — they’re both in there 🙂

  4. Yikes! I was a band geek all throuhg school and played in the orchestra as well. I remember the torture of having to sit through the K-12 Orchestra concert every spring! We’d have to play like three songs with one at the start and two at the end, or something like that, and sit through the entire thing. It was HELL!!!!!!!!!! Screech Screech Screech doesn’t begin to describe it!

  5. You old fart… 36… wow, thats like late thirties…. I’m still just a spritly 35 wich is still early thirties in my book, Oh and BTW my eldest turns 18 next month.

  6. I have greys, I admit it. I’m also in my late thirties – – I fully admit that, too. 🙂

    I’m not one of those women who gets caught up on age. At least i don’t think I am . . . I haven’t had one of those birthdays that get me down… yet. Talk to me in 4 years when I turn 40 – – maybe my perspective will be different. lol

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