Christmas is 8 days away!

No. Seriously. It is!

Would you believe I STILL have shopping to do? Of course you believe it — if you know the slightest bit about me, you believe it.

I thought work would slow down a bit during the holidays. I was wrong. It hasn’t. Being busy with work is a very good thing — I just forcasted the holiday work load incorrectly!

Long Time Gone Speaking of work – go give my newest client a visit and say hi. His name is John and he’s an American living in Seoul, South Korea. He’s our newest member to the Blogs About community – – he wanted something simple and patriotic with the American and Seoul flag incorporated into it. He should be an interesting read – we imported all of his posts over from Blogspot and he’s good to go! Go visit. Say hi.

17 thoughts on “Scream!”

  1. I noticed Christmas shopping started earlier this season, but everyone at my store expects this weekend to be the busiest days of the season. If you have to shop because you are looking for something specific get to the store early. Even better call ahead to see if the store can hold it for you. If you’re not as picky, I recommend shopping early Monday for Tuesday morning. Those are the quietest times at my bookstore this time of the year.

  2. Dang! I’m basically at the same point I was for Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. One present to go. I know just what it is, where it is, and only have to go pull it off the wall.

  3. That would be the South Korean flag rather than the Seoul flag eh? ::::mumbles about Americans and their lack of worldly knowledge… and their penis size fixation :::: 😉

    8 days to go? that many? only 7 days to go until I have to drag myself out to get something for the wife then…..

    Actually I’m off to get the kids a trampoline tonight and a TV for our new family room. but seriously I still have to get the wife something, I kinda out did myself on her birthday last week, now I have nothing left to get her for Xmas, Any ideas?

  4. You know, I think the Christmas eve shopping thing is some sort of strange male bonding ritual.

    When all you men head out to, well, whereever it is you head out to and do your last minute shopping, do you all have some sort of secret handshake/chest bump thing you do to acknowledge/validate each other?

    Or do you scurry about and stare at your feet?

  5. Men=rats? No, I don’t think so. I just think it’s funny that so many men wait until just before Christmas to go out and shop. That’s all.

    Astro — hilarious.

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