The Scandal That Won't Go Away


The clergy sex abuse scandal that has shaken the American Catholic Church in the last few years continues to make news nationwide and here in Illinois.

Sheila Schreiber-Parkhill, a noted Catholic attorney who currently resides in Bismarck, North Dakota, has challenged priest-author and sociologist Father Andrew Greeley to reveal the information he claims to have in “safekeeping” about the activities of a clergy sex/pedophile ring that may have been involved with the 1984 unsolved murder of Chicago musician and professor Francis E. Pellegrini.

Parkhill’s investigation and letter is the most recent attempt to crack this bizarre case. In 2000, several Chicago businessmen, including Catholic activist Michael Tario, teamed up with Stephen Brady, founder and president of the Petersburg, Ill.-based Roman Catholic Faithful (, a lay watchdog group, to investigate and expose the Boys Club.

This reporter has also investigated and written about the matter. In 2001, I asked Cardinal Francis George about Greeley’s allegation. The cardinal responded that he had asked Greeley twice about it, but that Greeley didn’t provide him with any evidence.

Greeley merely told the cardinal to talk to two priests, whose names the cardinal did not reveal.

Attorney Challenges Chicago Priest – Author To Expose “Ring Of Predators”

I can’t imagine that it’s a difficult thing. To expose those responsible for the theft of innocence. Contrarily, I would imagine that it would do a conscience good to expose it with the intentions of hopefully, someday, putting an end to the horrid sickness that plagues the catholic church.

Why hide it? It isn’t as if the general population knows that pedophilia runs rampant within those holy halls. Is there some kind of inner struggle that a person goes through when trying to decide whether or not to expose it? For what incomprehensible reason? To protect the name of the catholic church.

Way too late. Stories like this only make it worse. Makes one think that there is still much to be uncovered. Still much that is, purposefully, hidden.

Catholic priests are not above the law, sorry to say. Why would they be? Is it the robes and crosses? Is it the position of leadership within the halls of a building where they preach their faith in the light of day – – and then skulk off to pleasure their eccentric, sick and illegal propensities in the dark shadows of those hallowed hallways? What makes a catholic priest above the law of society? I suspect it doesn’t lie so much within their faith as much as it does with in the bankroll of the Vatican.

What would make a catholic priest keep information of a clergy/sex pedophile ring in “safekeeping”.

Safe keeping for what? Damn the men – – what of the kids?

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  1. Vital information should not be held in secret. These men are not above prosecution even if the Catholic church thinks they are. They are criminals and sex offenders and to hell with them for what they’ve done to countless children.

    I think the courts should make him reveal the information.

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