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Over the weekend I had to reshoot all of the artwork for the book because, for several reasons I just won’t go into (who needs book authoring drama?), my artwork was rejected by the art department. I cannot begin to tell you how demoralizing that is for a designer! Heh. At any rate, the publishing company gives you a very strict set of requirements about how your monitor and system needs to be set before you even THINK to begin shooting figures for print.

Since Friday, my screen resolution has been set to 1024×768. I finished shooting the last of the artwork on Sunday. Monday, I woke up and started working. All day, I kept having this creepy sensation of being boxed in. I couldn’t quite figure it out – but something just wasn’t right in the world of me. I must have been engrossed in my “TO DO” lists because I didn’t realized, until today, that I still had my monitor set at 1024×768! No WONDER I was feeling claustraphobic! Ugh – I reset it to my regular 1280 and all is well and good with the world now. Imagine if they had wanted me to to shoot at 800? You guys would have needed to come bail me out of the local mental ward! Question for you – – what is your resolution and does size matter?

Blogher Conference Chicago Illinois USAIn other news, on July 27 – 29th I am attending the Blogher Conference in Chicago. I’m very excited because I’ve found out that Kathy is also attending! I had the great opportunity to meet Joelle at the SXSW Conference in Austin last year – – now I get to meet the other half of the Moxie Girls team, and I’m thrilled. My goal – besides avoiding having my picture taken with a lampshade on my head after too many Martinis? Is to get a picture of Kathy and I with some kind of pickle – to round out the series.

If you’re going to be at Blogher, let me know! I’m headed down there on my own, with no real plan of action except to nose around, listen in, introduce myself to some new bloggers and, of course, attend the cocktail parties. Let me know if you’ll be there – we can swap contact info! Some of the folks from Wiley Publishing will be there, as well – so it will be nice to meet some of the names that have been floating around my email box over the last year!

Still deep in the editing process of the book. I promise it will be done soon. Seems like this has been going on forever, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, it’s storming here – we’re FINALLY getting some of that rain that Paul has been enjoying over in the UK. (@Paul – you’ll be happy to know that I was able to find a spot for you. . . but it will be up to you to search and see if you can find where it is. OooOO – hide and seek, how FUN!)

That’s it – back to work for me. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel!!

9 thoughts on “Resolution Matters”

  1. Size does matter. I just got a 22″ monster monitor and I’m in love with all 1680×1050 pixels of it. It makes me so happy to see the huge amount of space as I sit down at the computer. My dad still uses an 800×600 and I just can’t stand to look at his monitor- “boxed in” is definitely a good way to describe it! Maybe there’s a term for that, like “screen claustrophobia” or something.

  2. LOL! Sounds good! 🙂

    Well, you were complaining that it was too hot – so now you’ve got some rain to make up for it! Mind you, it’s still chucking it down here too! I just hope it’s nice when I go away at the end of the month…

    I’ve got an incredibly good 19″ Dell TFT. I spent days online trying to find one that had good reviews at a reasonable price – then a batch of these popped up on a sales site I use quite often. It was listed as a Grade A return on the site, but when it arrived it had never even been opened. I got it for GPB 122 instead of the RRP of GBP 470!

    Oh, and I run it at 1280 x 1024 – which doesn’t really give me enough space for what I want to do, which is why I’m on the lookout for a decent 17″ to run as a second display!

  3. I’ve had a 19″ CRT for about 8 years now (just can’t bring myself to upgrade yet to a LCD when ‘ol faithful still hangs in there). I run at 1280 x 1024.

    Resolution is always one of those things that I’m aware of and will always check the resolution stats on Google Analytics when I check the other numbers each month. It shows an interesting trend in some of my readers.

  4. I was just chatting with a (designer) friend last night and out of nowhere I popped this question, “Do you think there are still people out there who use the 800 x 600 resolution?” She said “Probably” and I said “Well, when are they going to switch?” — lol.

    I also run at 1280 x 1024 on my computer at work. And yes I think size does matter, especially to web designers. I wish I can get a new 19″ LCD monitor soon. <:-p I hope you have fun at the Blogher Conference, Lisa! 🙂


    OH! (oops)

    I have a 17″ CRT set at 1152×864 (you didn’t expect a normal resolution, did you?)

    P.S. You just knew someone had to make a crass joke about size, may as well have been me. b-(

  6. 1920×1200 on my 17″ dell XPS laptop and 1680×1050 on my mac book. It seems like it is only people that are into either design or development that worry about screen rosolutions. My parents still use 800×600 😮 and nothing I say will get them to switch

  7. Wow you got a book published! Thats so good. What publisher did you go through? I am just wondering because I would like to get a book published, and I’m not sure how to go about it. Anyway, well done to you – I know its very hard to get something published.

    I think my resolution is 1024×768 but I dont really notice it because its always been like that.

  8. Like a previous comment said, ussualy a webmaster worries about his site resolution, will if fit other resolution users?

    Othwewise I’m on a LG LCD, 17″ – 1024×768, works great for a couple of years now.

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