Remembering MT – R.I.P.


Although I am having a love affair with WordPress, I still provide MT coded templates over at my template site. Hey – there may be a mass exodus from MT happening, at the moment – – but there are still enough users, for now, that there’s still a demand for them.

This morning, I built a template for a new client. I built it for use with MT. I haven’t worked in MT since I converted over to WordPress (and never will again, except for clients) – and I just have to say that the experience of working in MT this morning was painful. Yes. It. Hurt.

I kept forgetting that annoying ‘rebuild’. For every little tweak and change in a template – you gotta rebuild the whole damn thing. Which is ok, if you’re only making changes in the main template. But if you’re making changes to the individual archive entry template and have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of archives – – well, it was painful.

I love WordPress and it’s one click editing. When I want to make a change to my template — I add the change and click “Update”. That’s it. No rebuilding. No waiting while it rebuilds ten gazzillion pages. It just changes the main template — and takes care of the archives in about .3459 seconds.

Ok, I didn’t count the seconds – but you get the picture. 🙂

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