Assumptions are a funny concept. It’s always amazing to me how some folks automatically assume things, without knowing the facts about anything. I’ve always been one to never assume anything – – because nothing is ever as it appears…and nothing is ever as simple as all that. For example – religion. I’m an atheist and not at all afraid to say it to whomever. I don’t wear it on my sleeve, however.. because I have no need to. Likewise, I don’t have a need to know about a person’s religious beliefs (or lack of) within the first 15 minutes of […]

Speaking of Dignity . . .

There’s a lot of talk around the blogosphere about people living and dying with dignity, lately. I figured I’d throw my two cents into the mix – but not on the Florida case. I have to ask, why is this done? Why does the Catholic Church drain the life out of these men. Instead of having some policy in place that allows a man to live out his last few years in comfort and peace – – the Catholic Church insists on playing dress up with the guy – – wheeling him out in front of thousands, where he can […]

The Scandal That Won't Go Away

The clergy sex abuse scandal that has shaken the American Catholic Church in the last few years continues to make news nationwide and here in Illinois. Sheila Schreiber-Parkhill, a noted Catholic attorney who currently resides in Bismarck, North Dakota, has challenged priest-author and sociologist Father Andrew Greeley to reveal the information he claims to have in “safekeeping” about the activities of a clergy sex/pedophile ring that may have been involved with the 1984 unsolved murder of Chicago musician and professor Francis E. Pellegrini. … Parkhill’s investigation and letter is the most recent attempt to crack this bizarre case. In 2000, […]

Sport as Religion

Pope Says Sundays are for God, not Sports VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope John Paul on Friday said Sunday should be a day for God, not for secular diversions like entertainment and sports. On a related note, the Pope says that too many people are spending money on their favorite sporting events, hot dogs, drinks and pay per view sporting events on Sundays – – and that is money that should be placed into the collection plate! Does it count if the athletes thank their god when they score? Does it count if the sports fan yells “Thank you, jesus!” […]

Separation of Work and anything remotely personal

My boss and I were meeting in her office today. We started off normal enough with talk about our current patient load and assignments for the nurse managers for the day. We started to stray from the topic of work and onto personal life subjects. Understand that, as a rule, I strive to keep my personal life completely separate from my professional life…I do not normally share little quips and tidbits of what goes on outside the 8 hour in my day that they pay me to work. I sometimes suffer from MBB Syndrome¬© – (Mouth Before Brain) – and […]

Where was your god before?

Got into a bit of an argument earlier this week with someone on a discussion forum in regards to the discovery of Laci Peterson’s body – and that of her unborn son. The people in the forum were going on and on about how it was ‘by god’s hand’ that Laci’s body ended up on that shore…and on Good Friday, even! It was ‘god’s work’ I posed a simple question to the forum members: Where was your god the day she was murdered? The answers I received were varied. Some called me a heathen…and infidel and I even was accused […]

Not being argumentative

I’m on call tonight – yay for me. Hopefully it will be a nice and quiet night – – of course, I should not have said that out loud – now I am doomed. Someone posted this to an e-mail discussion group that I read regularly – if for no other reason other than it gives me one more thing to read during my day. As if I don’t have enough?: “Xxxxx, you have got to accept something – for your own well-being. God does not have a hand in earthquakes, flood, famine, disease. Basically He has nothing to do […]

More on the topic

Atheism: The Case Against God That’s a good read. . shared that book with me this past summer. Actually, when I was out at his place in California and was packing for the plane trip back home – I mentioned that I didn’t have anything to read on the 5 hour flight. So he gave me free reign to his bookshelf and said I could pick out a book to read. This book caught my eye – the title of it. Sounded very interesting and I have to say that I wasn’t at all disappointed. It was a great read […]

Raving Atheist

I just love this site – – I read it daily and will blogroll it forever into infinity. I’m doing a blatant cut & paste from that site – only because I absolutely LOVE this post. from his site – I think it’s fabulous. Not that I don’t have anything better to say – – he just says it better than I ever could. First, there is no God. In fact, all definitions of the word ‘God’ are either self-contradictory, incoherent, meaningless or refuted by empirical, scientific evidence. Although the nature of the disproof will necessarily vary with the god […]

Tell me all your thoughts on god

My son is just the most curious little beast. He thinks outside the box – he has been that way since he was a little tot. Too smart for his own good. Normally I wouldn’t say that because I think saying “Too smart for his own good” is an odd saying . . . I mean, how can anyone be ‘too smart’? But with B. – the reason I say it is because his little brain moves faster than he can keep up with. It’s like he processes ideas and concepts before he understands them – so that leaves him, […]

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