Reflection Time


Many, many, many (did I say many?) years ago, I saw the ad on TV. It was back when the dotcom biz was booming – – the premise: three friends go into business together making ‘widgets’. They stumble upon this great eCommerce package and decide to take their business on the web. Up goes their business page – and then all three friends sit around the kitchen table watching the computer monitor – wondering when their first order would come in. It came with in minutes – – and then the next, then the next . . until they had received one million orders for widgets. One million orders and only three people to make widgets.

I remember thinking, then, about how cool it would be to run a profitable business over the Internet. To work from home doing what I love to do.

That was at least 8 years ago, or so – and here I am today, doing what I love and running a profitable business over the Internet. I love doing what I do – and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. A close friend recently asked me, after watching me put in mega hours at work, … “Do you ever wonder if it’s worth all the aggravation and long hours?”

It is so worth it. I really enjoy helping people (that’s the nurse/caregiver in me) and I’ve said it before, and I think it sounds a little cheesey – but it’s true . . . It really thrills me to see people working with tools that work, are reliable, look nice and are easy for them to understand. I’ve spent far too many years on the web learning what I know – – and it’s all self-taught . . . never took one class for web development, design, networking and the like — it’s really tons of fun to pass some of that knowledge around.

Plus, and I think most importantly – I’ve met some fantastic people and forged some really great friendships. I’ve met folks that I know would be there for me in a heartbeat, should I need anything – – and vice versa. These people support me, encourage me . . they are there with a quick pat on the back and a kind word here and there . . . and I really treasure them a great deal.

Yea, the business is important to me – – it’s been a long term goal that I’m finally seeing come into my little reality . . . but the people I’ve met and friendships I’ve made are just as important, if not as important as the rest. It’s very rewarding to me, and that’s the greatest part of this whole deal. I’m loyal as hell and will work my bum off for these people I meet, and these friends I make. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Ok – I lied. If I could change my days so that they last 36 hours, instead of 24, THEN I’d be set!!

6 thoughts on “Reflection Time”

  1. I hereby grant you 36 hours off as soon as convience Chris to take 36 hours off:razz: Lisa when I met you I called you my angel now I call you my friend which is much more important…Thank you for the gift you give to so many and as a result things are being returned to you, one who deserves so much in life it is your time to soar my friend. Enjoy it:!:

  2. You’re awesome Lisa! And self-taught at that – amazing. I’d like to do what you are doing and know what you know.

    As they used to say in MLM – you can sleep when you’re dead. He he. :mrgreen:

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