I mentioned a picture of my new strawberry-blonde-ish locks. I have before and after pictures — although the before picture isn’t the highest quality picture I could find . . . in addition to the fact that the before picture was taken at a party in Houston that Chris and I attended…and in the picture, I’m just a few too many sheets to the wind – – if ya know what I mean?

I received quite a few compliments on the redhead look today – – so I’m leaning on keeping it just the way it is now. What do you think?


…or Redhead?

I’m thinking red will be fun for awhile.

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17 thoughts on “Redhead”

  1. Do what I did. Cut it a lot shorter, dye it pure black, then have fun for the rest of the year with black ends and blonde roots. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that’s an eye-catcher.

  2. From someone who is a “carpet & curtains” redhead, one who had to put up with years of schoolyard taunting for the crime of being a genetic anomaly, it is hard to look at the bottle folks as anything but posers.

    My 2ยข

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