So, this week, my web host, Warped Communications, did a server upgrade and moved our sites to a different server. Faster, better, blah, blah, blah.

Ever since, my blog has been broken. You could still view it – but I couldn’t log into it and visitors could not leave or view comments.

I followed every single troubleshooting suggestion offered by Moveable Type – – but it was a no go!

I upgraded my database files. Not good enough.

I went through and dumped each individual database file and rebuild them. Not good enough.

I ran MT Medic. Still not good enough.

I ran listauth.cgi. Not f’n good enough.

After I did all that – I spoke with a very nice MT Admin who said that my database files had probably gotten corrupted somehow, in the process of the server move.


The only way to fix it is to do a brand new MT install and rebuild archives by cutting and pasting them individually. Since I could not login to my MT – I could not use the ‘export’ feature to back up my entries. So I downloaded my archives and am on my way to cutting and pasting paradise.

Oh – and if you see that your comment dates are all todays date…it’s because I am cutting and pasting all the old comments into the new blog, too. If anyone out there knows how to change the comment dates — drop me a line…or a rope!

Pardon me whilst I scream!!!

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2 thoughts on “Rebuilding”

  1. Would you mind if I scream also? I’ve been there, and, it seems “murphy’s law” is at work harder sometimes. Sorry for barging in. I just happened upon your page and found it amusing. And, best of all, I’m not a spam robot or a Wierdo. Just a nice young male who’s a little eccentric. Have a great day, and OH, PS, I’ve had to sut and paste my life sometimes! Mark

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