Reality of my Addiction


My name is Lisa. I am a Cable News addict.

I’m a junkie. I’m strung out.

Only 2 more months. Then, I promise. I’ll stop.

Don’t blame me! I have an enabler! His name is Chris – and in response to his acknowledgment of my Cable News Addiction (hereafter: CNA), he installed this in my office (complete with digital cable connection):

Will I ever emerge from my cave???

Hrmm…maybe that was his goal?

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13 thoughts on “Reality of my Addiction”

  1. Preston – those are definately my toes 😉 I really hope you’re not inferring that my feet could be mistaken for a pair of mens feet? They’re only a size 7! lol 🙂

    … Preseason? I don’t waste my time with preseason. Although, I do have my tissues ready to offer you during the real games. 🙂

  2. Lisa, no … I don’t think that’s what Preston was inferring at all! 😈 Seriously though, it’s a good thing that my wife is a light sleeper otherwise I’d have Fox News on all night…

  3. Rob – I have a confession . . .

    I sleep with FoxNews on in the background. I’ve always been one who needs some type of noise in the background when I’m falling asleep. These days – it’s usually reruns of Hannity & Colmes.

    I know, I know – the addiction runs pretty deep.

  4. See thats why your so pro- bush… subliminal conditioning while you sleep!!! wait… are those black helicopters coming back again? …

    Seriously you should think yourself lucky you don’t live down here in Florida, we have had 4 weeks staight of 24 hour hurricane watching on every channel, It was actually a releif when the power went out during Frances:lol:

  5. Well your choice of addictions explains your heartful devotion to W. I’m addicted to searching multiple sources of information on the Internet, but hey, to each their own!

  6. BTW, I’ve modified our little proposal (and I cant remember the original thread). I read the book, you watch F9-11*. Propaganda piece for propaganda piece; the other book shouldn’t count since you were going to read it anyway. I made my order today!

    *or Outfoxed.

  7. Shame on you for assuming where I get all of my information from ,steven. You really have no clue what I do or how I obtain information, do you? Fox is simply one addiction I have in life – however, I get the majority of my information and news from all over the web – – Drudge, BBC, WSJ, ABC, CBS just to name a few (of course, not all).

    All of those places have websites, steven – you should search them out sometime 🙂

    Oh – as as far as the deal with F-911 . . no deal. As I said, I won’t watch the tripe spewed forth by Moore. I do have the Kitty Kelly book in my posession, though. :p

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