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Because we all generally try to blog about anything but blogging. Because blogging about blogging generally means we have nothing else to blog about. Because other blogs in your blog rolls are in need of love of the linky kind.

I introduce RE: Blogs. Something I’m going to try to do weekly – depending on the interest and motivation. Basically it’s a weekly entry that you make that gives you permission to blog about blogging!

The weekly RE: Blogs will ask me three weekly questions regarding blogs and blogging. Simple, hey? If you want to participate – grab the RE: Blogs button at the top of this post, do a blog entry answering the same questions I ask myself here and don’t forget to link back here so I can see what you are posting RE: Blogs!

If no one else participates – then I am the only loser in blogland that blogs about blogging!

My first RE: Blogs posting coming next!

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  12. RE: Blogs -3
    I have posted this one on my site. I am late, but still within the week. Sorry I missed the first ones. I like the ideas of having ?’s on your site and answering them. It gives you a chance to get to know someone a little more, gives you an insight to their opinions.
    Have a great Evening

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